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Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm nearing the end of my travels, now heading for 3 million miles just on United Airlines (Star Alliance).  While my carbon footprint has been just terrible, since my wife, Pearl, passed away a little more than five years ago, I've travelled  around Planet Earth in the Spring and Fall, mostly for the following reasons:

  • There is another book possibly closer to completion, my e-book on Pearl's Ashes (title will be improved)
    • it all began with a rainbow, inspiring me to drop her ashes at special places
    • my first thought was to lay her ashes at spots around the world she wanted to visit, but did not, mostly because I did not want to go there:  Taj Mahal, Mount Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, etc.
    • this led to several global adventures, and I'm now up to approximately 50 sites where her ashes now rest
  • I picked the Spring and Fall mostly because the weather would be ideal.  Just about every journey has included a one-week or two-week Japan Rail Pass tour following the blooming of the Sakura or tracing the change of Fall colors.
A long time ago, when there was a Crystal Harmony, Pearl wanted to cruise from New Zealand to Hawaii.  So six months before that date, I made a reservation at mid-boat.  When we boarded, because this was not well-subscribed, we found ourselves in a penthouse room.  Best cruise we ever experienced.

Thus, my Fall Circle Pacific Adventure (FCPA) begins today, I will take the Crystal Symphony from Honolulu to Auckland.  In many ways, this will close the loop with Pearl, and I will complete Pearl's Ashes when I return.  I might add that there is one final tribute.  Pearl loved what is called the Gold Tree.  After years of planning and approvals, the planting of these trees will occur on January 5 at the Ala Wai Golf Course.

FCPA 2014 is a rather modest one month trip:  Honolulu-Auckland-Seoul-Bangkok-Tokyo-Osaka-Nagasaki-Miyazaki-Nagoya-Tokyo-Honolulu.  My Ultimate Global Adventure last year took 51 days, and is worthy of the title.  This FCPA 2014 will be similar to My Ultimate Fantasy Adventure of this past Spring, and the link is exquisite, for I returned from Tokyo on the Crystal Symphony almost exactly six months ago.  Thus, the journey through my life continues again today.

Wow, here we are into November, and Super Typhoon Nuri is now at 180 MPH, with gusts up to 220 MPH, the strongest ocean storm of 2014:

Thankfully, Nuri is projected to remain in the Pacific Ocean and just miss Japan.  But, you never know for sure.

In the East Pacific, Hurricane Vance is a dangerous 105 MPH with gusts at 125 MPH:

The track of Vance is projected to make landfall just north of Mazatlan.

The flow of Kilauea lava has not quite overrun a Pahoa home, and has stalled:


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