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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FALL CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE 2014: Day 2--Crystal Symphony

To recap, I checked into the Crystal Symphony yesterday and everything went so smoothly that I first celebrated with a welcome champagne:

I have a terrific room:

Direction of my view from port:

I went to Computer University to link with their system, and saw that it cost $220 for 10 hours.  However, as I am a Crystal alumnus, there was no charge.  I think I know why.  For Day One, I already used two hours, for downloading a photo takes time--I can go down to the bar, pick up a Johnny Walker Black label (ALL DRINKS ARE FREE), come back to my room, and odds are that I'll still need to wait.  I will need to be judicious on graphics for the next few days.

Lunch was fabulous, with a view of Aloha Tower:

The ship left at 6PM and it was already getting dark.  Goodbye Honolulu:

Super Typhoon Nuri is now a mere typhoon at 120 MPH, but is projected to re-strengthen, then again weaken, all the while moving northeast sufficiently distant from Japan:


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