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Friday, November 14, 2014


The front page of The Korea Times this morning featured  Kimchi time!!  The view from my Westin Chosun Hotel is Seoul Plaza, where 250 tons of kimchee were made:

I also see below me Hwongungu, and this whole area has had a checkered past involving the Japanese Imperial Army and an altar for the rite to Heaven:

These are my first Fall tree colors.  Anyway, kimchee is a staple here and has been around for at least 760 years.  You grimace, but this kimchee festival is to Korea as Carnival is to Brazil, Oktoberfest in Germany and the Sapporo Snow Fest.

My breakfast today was the best yet on this trip:  there is a station for udon, where you add your own ingredients and someone cooks the mix.  I also had a giant plate of six different vegetables with six kinds of nuts and a large amount of kimchee.  I forgot to bring my camera, but here is how to make kimchee and what it looks like to the left.

I will find my way today to the Fantom outlet, where my favorite golf shirts are sold, then return to the Ninth Gate Grille, a French steakhouse, where the view is that Hwangungu.

Return for the rest my day.


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