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Sunday, November 23, 2014

FALL CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE #20--Tokyo Westin and Japanese Scotch

It was in mid-October 1994 when Pearl and I first checked into the Tokyo Westin, the week that the hotel and Yebisu Garden Place became one of the first city within a city in the world.  I have now stayed here at least 25 times, and these two decades have passed by too quickly.  My hotel room and Executive Lounge are on the 17th floor, and that display below is called Baccarat Eternal Lights:

Here is a view of the same from my room:

That's 3-Michelin Star Robuchon in the mansion.  I'm almost always provided a room with a Mount Fuji view.  This was my dinner last night, and as you can't see Mt. Fuji too well, a second shot:

Actually, that was my appetizer, for a few doors away the Executive Club serves free drinks and an assortment of dishes.  These usually become my dinner.  As always, an incredible breakfast buffet comes with the room, so I can comfortably survive just eating here, for free.

  I also have a bottle of a 20-year old Yoichi Single Malt Scotch in Compass Rose, which I had after my dinner "meal."

In 2008 Nikka's 20-year old Yoichi won the best scotch in the world tasting in Scotland, breaking centuries of dominance by the European World.  In 2009 it was a 21-year old Highland Park (possibly my favorite scotch, with Lagavulin as #2).  Then in 2011 it was a 27-year old Suntory Yamazaki, and in 2012, Suntory's 25-year old Yamazaki beat out 300 of the world's single malts in an international blind tasting.    In 2013 the winner was Ardbeg Galileo.  Then, this year, Sullivans Cove French Oak Cask, which comes from Australia.  Some remember Bill Murray making a commercial of Suntory's 17-year old Hibiki in Lost in Translation.

Whoops, getting carried away with scotch,  To return to this posting, it is convenient to stay at the Tokyo Westin, for I leave my large suitcase here, and with only a small wheelie, go on my one and two week Japan Rail Pass journeys, as I will begin tomorrow, with the first stop the Osaka St. Regis.  In addition to Hajime's, I will be visiting the Osaka Aquarium, where I hear there is now a new whale shark, I hope, although there is this nagging feeling that they should be left alone in the wild.


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