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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FALL CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE: Day #22A--Yu-chan, Osaka's Whale Shark

Of all the coincidences, the name of Osaka's whale shark coincides with Pearl's Japanese name:  Yu-chan.  Here is a video of her.  Some photos:

Two years ago I wondered where they were.  Now there is Yu-chan.  It is a bit sad, though, that she circles the tank once/minute and lives an all too boring life.  On the other hand, there are no predators, secure source of food, ideal living conditions and a loving audience.

The thickness of the acrylic panels is just about a foot.  A few other inhabitants:


There were hordes of young schoolchildren:

My dockside snack cost $6:

From the outside:

A large ferris wheel (369 feet high, $6 or so) at the entrance:

The fall colors in Kansai appear closer to peak.  Kansai is the region that includes Kyoto, Osaka and Kyoto, while Kanto surrounds Tokyo.  Interesting that in Japan, you walk and drive on the left.  However, in Osaka, anyway, on an escalator, you stand to the right so others can pass you on the left. In Tokyo, you stand to the left.  Kansai has around 17 million people, while Kanto is about double that. 


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