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Saturday, November 22, 2014

FALL CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE 2014: Day #19--Shinjuku Park and Jindai Botanical Park

The posting today will be utterly boring for most.  I will only provide a tour through two parks.  They both are fabulous for cherry blossoms in the Spring, so this will be my first experience for the Fall colors.  

First, Shinjuku Gyoen (Park), Japan's National Garden (above).  Mind you, I'm taking a chance with my health, for this attraction was closed a few weeks ago for fear of dengue mosquitos.  As you enter, there are signs to watch out for mosquitos.

All in all, not as beautiful as I expected, for the peak is still to come.  However, a few photos:

Note my shadow above.  Interesting that the reflection is clearer than the actual tree:

Somehow, my final shot reminds me of myself.

I don't understand, but as I left, less than an hour before the sun sets, there was still a line of people getting in.  There are no lights.

I also went to Jindai Botanical Park and had a fabulous bento (Asahi beer and sake in those two bags to the left):

There is, of course, a memorable story about "Pearl's" statue and the park itself.  To quickly summarize, Dr. Fumio Ito of Tokyo Electric Power, who led the team that succeeded in producing OTEC power on Nauru Island, found out that Pearl and I were coming into town, so insisted that he show us "his" sakura park, which was Jindaiji.  He picked us up in a taxi and we saw what is still to me the most extraordinary cherry blossom assortment in the world.  Turns out that he had gotten out of a sick bed in a hospital to show us around, and two weeks later passed away.  Then, three months later Pearl died.  When I returned to the park a year later I virtually bumped into a statue that looked exactly like Pearl in 1962 when the sculptor, Bushi, completed this work:

This is now the third time I've gone to the office and asked them to please find the name of the model.  They still have not found this information, but, again, I left my business card.

"Pearl" is in a rose garden close by a large outdoor instrument that chimes tunes every hour.  There are hundreds of rose plants.  The Fall colors are just about peaking:

I show this because it looks like a green rose.  Here are the front and back views of the same statue:

A young girl and more scenes:


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