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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Back at the Westin Nagoya Castle, I asked the concierge to recommend the best unagi restaurant for dinner.  Her first choice involved a half an hour taxi ride, where no reservations are taken. Then Shirakawa, but I made that scene earlier today.  So I settled for #3, Bincho, on the 7th floor of La Chic:

I ordered their standard unagi set meal with a glass of beer and a flask of hot sake:

Absolutely my best unagi meal in my life.  Come to think of of it, this is the first unagi restaurant I've ever experienced.  Basically, you are coached to eat in four stages:

  • Place about a fourth of the unagi/rice into a bowl, and just eat it.
  • Have another fourth, apply the green onions and wasabi, mix, and consume.
  • A third fourth, and add tea.
  • The final fourth, repeat the best of the three.  As I ran out of ingredients, I just ate the fourth fourth.
When I first walked in, the place was packed with only my reserved table left open.  The whole meal cost around $40.  When I left, there was a long line waiting to get in.  However, here, you sit:

My view when I returned to my room:

 A wonderful day in Nagoya.  The following morning I had my farewell breakfast feast:

Salsa salad, two soups (corn and miso, with a large tofu), curry and over easy egg over rice, abariki, ham, bacon, salmon, tsukemono and juices of applesauce/honey and orange/calpis.  Of course, Nagoya Castle in the far background.

Today, on to Matsumoto and Pearl's Gold Koi:


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