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Friday, November 28, 2014

FALL CIRCLE PACIFIC ADVENTURE: Day #26B: Best Italian Restaurant in Osaka?

The butler staff of the Osaka St. Regis made a reservation of what they thought was the best Italian restaurant in Osaka:  Mode di Ponte Vecchio:

I started with some limoncello in champagne, and the initial offering, a salad, was spectacular:

This was my best salad of this trip, with warm pieces of grilled fish hidden in the mix.  I added a Japanese owned Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough (New Zealand) and a Barolo from Italy:

The next dish was a caviar from Italy over a kind of mashed potato:

Excellent, but the caviar had no taste.  Next was abalone and chanterelle mushrooms with truffles:

I thought, strange, no taste of truffles.  They were very accommodating on my next dish, a spaghetti agli olio with anchovies, a slice of raw onion and six basil leaves, with shaved black truffles:

It was terrific, except for one problem.  Their black truffles had no "truffle" taste.  My server said these truffles are from France.  Okay, so my finale, I had white truffles shaved over a mushroom risotto:

You can see that the white truffles are piled onto the risotto.  However, ABSOLUTELY NO TRUFFLE TASTE.  Nothing like the white truffles I had in Rome, which remains as my best one dish I've ever had in my life.

Frankly, I was disappointed.  Maybe this is why I go to Michelin 3-Star and Pellegrino Best 50 restaurants, for you do get the very best at those.  Mode di Ponte Vecchio is not ranked, anywhere.  If this is the best Italian restaurant in Osaka, well...  I should state that Trip Advisor thinks very highly of this establishment.

To close, though, the NON-truffle Italian food here was excellent.  If I did not add the truffle options, I would have paid half as much and would have been very much satisfied.  Ponte Vecchio needs to do something about getting real truffles!

My next posting as part two of Day #26 will be Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto at peak Fall colors.


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