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Thursday, November 22, 2012

PEARL'S ASHES: #1: Rainbow Falls

On 9August2009 I awoke in my room at the Naniloa Hotel in Hilo and saw a remarkable (look closely, and you will see a double) rainbow from my bed.  

That was the inspiration sparking in my mind the ultimate tribute to Pearl:  I should spread her ashes at three sites she wanted to visit, but we did not, mostly because of me:  Taj Mahal (I really don't enjoy getting in and out of the country--click on my posting on "India Sucks..."--THIS IS REMARKABLE, I READ THIS POSTING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MORE THAN A YEAR AND WAS ASTONISHED TO SEE ALMOST 50 COMMENTS.  I DID NOT REALIZE THAT I TICKLED THE RIGHT NERVE!), Mount Kilimanjaro (I did not look forward to vaccinations and other potential inconveniences) and Machu Piccu (again, the physical difficulties, etc.).  I added to this list other locations she particularly liked, and additionally, would have loved.

The day before I had already gone to Long's Drug Store and purchased a batch of small plastic cups with cover, the kind in which you place catsup in a fast food joint.  I had apportioned a portion of her tan-brown ashes I kept in a zip-loc bag in her bronze urn:

 The rainbow further jogged in my mind Rainbow Falls, a tourist attraction just outside of town, where Pearl and I annually visited.  Thus, the first ceremony was a personal one that day.  There were patchy clouds, but at the right moment just as a tourist pressed the button, a rainbow appeared (you need to have exceptional eyesight on this one):

NEXT:  Mauna Kea.


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