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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I now and then check on which blog postings have been popular.  To the right you see the top 20 as of a few weeks ago.  In general, older articles rate higher because some have had years to accumulate views.  However, there is another part of the stat analysis that shows which postings which have recently drawn interest.

Over the past few weeks, THE GRAND COMPROMISE generally has rated as #1. Why is a mystery, for it was released about a year ago, and is lengthy and boring to boot.  It talks about the national deficit, defense spending and the beauty of sequestration.  Why would anyone today want to read about these topics today, and here in PLANET EARTH AND HUMANITY?

Also in October of last year I published:  CAN YOU GET VIVID DREAMS WITH GARCINIA CAMBOGIA?  For the past many months, this posting regularly reaches the top, almost every day.  In a way, I can appreciate the popularity because people crave vivid dreams.   I was attracted to this option, for I wanted to lose some weight, and this natural pill also indicated a lowering of blood sugar level.  I asked my doctor first and he was wishy washy but not opposed.  He basically was not aware of GC.  That vivid dream the first time I took it could have been totally coincidental, but I certainly did dream well.  However, very shortly after taking a few of these GC pills, after actually losing a few quick pounds, (which shouldn't have happened, for all ads say it should take at least 3 weeks) I stopped because I thought I read that there was some danger to weakening your skeletal muscles, plus, there was some discouragement about combining this treatment if you are already taking statins for cholesterol.  Here is a reasonably accurate portrayal of the reality (but is also a sales video).  And another longer one.  I still have four large bottles, so might someday soon try it some night just to see if I can again stimulate more vivid dreams.

In July of this year I was completing my life story through transitions.  Again, I wonder why, but--THE FINAL TRANSITION:  Part 15A--has recently reached the top three.  This posting has to do with the terminal question of "An Afterlife or Eternal Gloom?"  I guess my readers are interested in the afterlife, or potential lack of it.  Anyway, my current transition is in the pre-purgatory state of my final transition.  To summarize, 15 Craigside:

  • The food now is cafeteria-like, but reliable.  I actually eat in the dining room perhaps only once a day, wasting something like $45/day.
  • My next three dinners will be
    • tonight on Fred's Tuesday-Thursday table for 6 or so (Fred is a Stanford graduate who taught in Japan for most of his professional life)
    • Wednesday with the Chaine des Rotisseurs on a steak with extraordinary Italian reds extravanga at Wolfgang's (the wines are supposed to be so fabulous that one sitting should have cost $500/person, but we're paying less, although still ridiculously expensive)
    • Thursday with my regular former professors group at 15 Craigside through the invitation of Ted, who taught chemical engineering in Oregon, and his wife Sets, who teaches a roots-type course here.
  • Here is a typical meal I have on my lanai, this one from Gyotaku:
  • This is actually a topic of some dinner conversation here:  no one has yet seen a cockroach in 15 Craigside.  Now, that is amazing, and reassuring, for I must have caught a thousand using Hoy Hoy Trap a Roach on my roof at 2101 Craigside.  Maybe tomorrow I'll narrate one early evening I had in my battle with large flying roaches.  I felt like General George Armstrong Custer.
  • In fact, I still haven't seen a fly or ant here.  Maybe they are overdoing this.
  • I like the temperature control system.  I set my apartment for 76 F in the daytime and 69 F at night.  
  • I have not locked my door now for months.  There are security guards, a check-in desk, and cameras everywhere.
  • I now and then join the poker group and there is a regular MWF bridge table.
  • There are six or so exercise sessions every day.  Also, Tai chi and yoga.  Some day in the future I'll join them.  For now, I walk nine holes two or three times a week at the Ala Wai Golf Course.  I actually went 18 holes a few days ago.
  • My personal doctor is the house doctor.  I see him in our basement clinic, which is always open,  The second floor is a hospital,  There is a beauty salon where I get my haircut.  Exercise machines, small pool, etc.  I live in a cocoon.
  • There are a couple of entertainment specials daily, like My Fair Lady, the Royal Hawaiian Band and everything you need to know about your health plan.  I'll in time give a lecture on how to go around the world.  I leave in a few days, and largely waste $4000 for the month I will not be here.  But there is a lady who teaches in Alaska nine months of the year and only lives here for three months.  I ask her why, and she says this like an insurance policy.  Makes me feel better about my absences.
  • The people here are friendly and staff helpful.  I am slowly breaking out of my hermit phase.
Tropical Cyclone Nilofar in the Indian Ocean is now at 130 MPH.  However, all models have the storm weakening before crashing just south of the Pakistan-India border:


  Lava enters residential property, but homes standing

On Saturday, my posting was


Here is a recent video clip.


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