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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Here are a few bits of information you can casually toss out at your next cocktail reception or dinner conversation:

1.  The price of butter, $2.8225, is at an all time high, topping the $2.81 in 1998.  While statistically correct, the worth of $2.81 (relative to purchasing power) today is $4.02.  So, even though at a record high, butter today is cheap!  Cheddar cheese also hit a high.  However, don't now get into the dairy business, for in 2009, butter sold for $1.09/pound, and it cost more to produce this product than the return revenue.

2.  Guess which country will pay $300,000 for just one rhinoceros horn?  Not China, but Vietnam.  While only 15 or so horns were poached in South Africa annually from 1990 to 2007, in 2012 the number reached 688, resulting in two rhinoceroses killed every two days.  People in Vietnam think imbibing rhino horn powder cures cancer.  One treatment can cost $2,000.  During the past five years, the number of millionaires in that country has grown by 150%.  The desired alcoholic drink of the rich is a cocktail with this enhance virility.  Oh, it also helps preserve your liver.  Rhino horn is now more expensive than cocaine.  The attitude?  In Vietnam you can buy anything for money.  The last rhino in Vietnam was killed for its horn in 2010 and Mozambique just earlier this year lost its final animal.  The numbers in Zimbabwe and South Africa are declining because of poaching:

3.  Our unemployment rate is declining, recently sinking to 5.9%:

While Hawaii is down to 4.2%, North Dakota is at 2.8%.  The highest is Georgia at 7.9%.  Around the world:
  • Zimbabwe  70%
  • Turkmenistan 70%
  • Tajikistan  60%
  • Mozambique  60%
  • Djibouti  59%
  • Namibia  51%
  • American Samoa  50%
  • Senegal 48%
  • Nepal  46%
  • Kosovo (Serbia)  45%

The lowest:
  • Cambodia  0% (0.1%)
  • Qatar  0.3%
  • Thailand  0.56%
  • Kuwait  1.5%
  • Guernsey  1.5%
  • Tonga  1.1%
  • Papua New Guinea 1.9%
  • Singapore  1.9%
  • Macau  2%
4.  Yesterday I wondered why anyone voted Republican.  Here is another piece of news that should gall you.  American companies:
  • were responsible for 33% of federal taxes in 1952.
  • Are paying 14% of federal taxes in 2014.
  • Accumulated $1.8 trillion in profits just in the second quarter of this year.
How?  Congressional loopholes.  The Republicans will most probably control both the House and Senate next year.


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