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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


  • In August, Tropical Storm Isselle caused considerable damage.  Watch this video.
  • Right on the heels was Hurricane Julio, which managed to fizzle.
  • But a flow of lava from Kilauea headed towards the town of Pahoa (second largest city in Puna) and was two weeks away from a wipeout.
A week ago the flow was two weeks from the town.  Today, the flow is still two weeks away, but interminably still moving a hundred yards or so each day towards Pahoa:

Yesterday, it snowed on Mauna Kea.  Okay, that was another large volcano and not exactly in Puna, and the following photo below is from last year:

But this morning, the lead headline article in the Star-Advertiser was:

It is possible that Ana can strengthen to Category 2 strength, but current models have the storm weakening into a still powerful tropical storm when the eye strikes the Big Island.  No hurricane has been historically confirmed to have made landfall on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Here is another graphic:

Puna is the region at the extreme right:

There is a major hurricane in the Atlantic.  Hurricane Gonzalo is at 110 MPH and will attain Category 4 strength.  Current projections, though, sees Gonzalo keeping away from the U.S., with the eye eventually heading for Newfoundland:


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