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Monday, October 6, 2014


To be perfectly correct, the Hajj is not coming to a final end, for this annual Islamic pilgrimage of 2 million to Mecca can be traced to the time of Abraham, who lived around 4000 years ago.  But the 2014 version of the largest such gathering of people in the world officially ends tomorrow.

I've previously reported on the Hajj, so will not bore you with the latest version, as nothing newsworthy happened, but I was interested in the organizers' use of modern technology, thermal cameras, to minimize problems from Ebola and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).  There were no epidemics, but that is also because they blocked the incursion of pilgrims from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.  There were several hundred MERS cases, but they just isolated them.

This is an opportunity, though, to re-introduce a concept of a Golden Evolution I first advanced in SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity:

Interesting that Abram (later Abraham), a paltry sheepherder, circa 1792 BC, or roughly 2000 BC, more than 2500 years earlier, in what today is Iraq, was contacted by a similar, but Christian, deity, through which today all monotheism flows. Islam and Christianity might well be the same religion from the same source, for they are nearly identical. You think that is merely coincidental? Well, I already reported on  Horus in 3000 BC Egypt from which, perhaps, the writers of the Bible maybe borrowed. Anyway, this similarity might provide a clue to how these religions might unite.

In case you skipped clicking on who Horus (a common name for deities of that Egyptian period) was, I feel compelled to re-insert my statement here:

Conceived by a virgin named Meri, with a foster father Jo-Seph, heralded by Sirius (the morning star), born on December 25 in a cave-manger attended by three wise men, with no data about his life between the ages of 12 and 30, having 12 disciples, performing miracles (including walking on water), known for a key Sermon on the Mount and self-designated God-man Savior of humanity, he died by crucifixion and resurrected three days later. His name was Horus, supposed son of Osiris. HUH??? He was born in Egypt in 1550 BC (yes, a millennium or so later, as I did say convoluted in the previous paragraph), but more than 1500 years before Jesus Christ. WHAT???

In any case, way before Jesus Christ or Horus, Christianity, Judaism and Islam had the same origin.  It is baffling enough that the only difference between Sunni and Shiite followers of Islam had to do with which pathway each took:  Muhammad's cousin or an elected successor.  But as Abraham was the common link for Muslims, Christians and Jews, someday, when rational minds reach an aha moment,  a summit of these three religions can someday lead to the Golden Evolution.  When will this happen?  Perhaps another millennium or so or more.

Typhoon Vongfong, now at 105 MPH, will strengthen into a Category 4 and follow a similar path of Typhoon Phanfone that struck Japan this past weekend.  Vongfong could well become a super typhoon, but should weaken and most probably track slightly east of Phanfone.  Certainly, parts of Japan will nevertheless again be inconvenienced this coming weekend: