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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Anytime you have a natural disaster anywhere in the world--as the horror  in Central Philippines last year, where a 7.1 earthquake first kills more than 200, then a month later, the strongest typhoon ever to make landfall, Haiyan, devastates with another 6300 deaths--you wonder why God can be so cruel.  Or take Ebola in West Africa.  Why?

Worse, when it comes to humanity-induced crises like the plight of Syrian refugees in Turkey...or any war, for there are 10 currently ongoing, with another 8 serious armed conflicts. Listed are 14 additional not-so significant hostilities, including the USA war on terrorism.  How can He allow for these tragedies?

First, I will say that I'm not a religious person, so am in the minority.  Surprisingly enough, though, a fairly credible poll from London indicated that only just barely half of people in the world believe in God and an afterlife.  In any case, it's Sunday, so let me file some observations, here from Rapture Ready:

Conclusion: God is not cruel: As the title of this conclusion states. He is not heartless. He is not a tyrant. God is a God of love, who sent his Son, Jesus Christ to die on a cruel cross for the sins of everyone. God will wait and warn a long, long time, but he will not wait forever. His love is unending, his compassion and truth never-failing, but he will not wait forever.

There of levels of disbelief, and I especially find anything like "The Rapture" particularly incredulous, as is reinforced by the arguments for God if you clicked on Rapture Ready.

I will end with the plight of University of Hawaii football coach Norman Chow.  He is in his third season here, and last year went 1-11.  The team last fall was 0-11 when they played Army.  I actually attended, my first in a decade.  Hawaii won.  So far this year before the  game last night with Wyoming:
  • Friday night (October 3) last week, wife Diana underwent a procedure for an aneurysm at the UCLA Medical Center
  • the following night, Hawaii suffers a disheartening loss to Rice
  • thus, four losses and one win, over a non-FBS team (doesn't matter, but it was Northern Iowa)
  • there is talk that Chow might be replaced by a previous coach, June Jones:
    • who had recently left SMU
    • when Jones first came to Hawaii as coach in 1998, he  orchestrated the greatest turnaround in NCAA football history when his team went 9-4
    • after a previous year Hawaii record of 0-12
  • Coach Chow mourns at a funeral service for his mother, Toby, on Friday (October 10)
  • By halftime of the game last night against Wyoming:
    • Hawaii was behind 21-10
    • Chows' starting quarterback breaks his leg on the last play of the first half
    • Another quarterback earlier in the season was already out for his career with a broken hand
    • Best runner, and only real star of the team, has a broken ankle
    • Next best runner suffers a concussion soon after halftime and never returns
Is God cruel to Coach Norm or not?  Well, Hawaii did come back to beat Wyoming 38-28.  Coach Chow, for the first time in a long while, smiled:

There are seven ocean storms:

In the Atlantic, Fay is already a hurricane and  Gonzalo will also become one.  However, both will not get close to the USA.  In the Sea of Bengal, Tropical Cyclone Hudhud crashed into India at 120 MPH. In the Pacific, once Super Typhoon Vongfong is now a windy and rainy tropical storm dumping on on all parts of Japan early this week. 


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