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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Frankly, I'm confused.  Republicans seem to like fossil fuels, not care that much for the environment, want to cut taxes for the rich, disdain the poor (which includes most of us), promote wars and love guns.  They will maintain control over the House and are projected to take over the Senate next month.  But how can this be when they have the lowest favorability rating in history:

There are some social issues like family, abortion, same sex marriage, religion, etc., that seem to favor Republicans.  Maybe that's the difference not revealed in polls.  Certainly, it seems like the White House has fumbled the Ebola non-pandemic and healthcare in general...but they really haven't.

However, most voters probably want a change because they perceive that our economy is rotten and heading downhill.  They believe the Grand Old Party (GOP, or Republicans) can do a better job here, by a margin of 39% to 31%.  Yikes, remember, they support the rich.

Is all this sensible?  I think not.  People can be analogized to sheep.  Many actually believe what they see on TV.  Republicans do a better job at swaying the public through commercials that exaggerate the truth and distort reality.  People remember them.  All this is occurring with a media that leans in the direction of liberals (Democrats).  Amazing.

Or maybe I should be focusing on all those not quite Republicans and quasi Democrats, known as Independents.  There are more of them than Republicans and Democrats:

The prime example is President Barack Obama.  He saved the country and world from a possible depression, thus engineering a huge budget deficit, which, if you've not noticed, is not a campaign issue anymore. Why? Because our deficit is dropping, and rapidly.  He got us out of the Middle East War.  Yet, he is blamed for the mess with Syria and the handling of ISIS, two manini issues.  People still seem to hate Obamacare, even though, by all measures, it's working, and will only get better.  Our economy is the best in the world, and although the stock market had a recent minor correction, we are doing great compared to Europe, Russia, China, Japan and rest of the world:

Note, particularly, that the presidential approval rating has been dropping since Obama first took office.  Hey, he won a Nobel Prize and is a heck of a lot more popular than Bush the Younger with countries around the world, though maybe not so for Muslim regions.  Is this because he is doing a terrible job as president, or mostly a perception because of politics?  Is this because Obama is not 100% White?  Read editorials by Joe Klein in TIME and Paul Krugman in the New York Times.  This is a puzzlement.

Could Republican political strategy be the reason why they will control both houses of Congress next year?  Whatever the Republicans are doing, you got to give them credit for overcoming common sense and  true reality.  What are they doing, anyway?


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Anonymous said...

My take is middle class voter apathy......the reason why republicans get elected. Also all their fancy tricks about postive picture ID to vote, cutting down on the hours polls are open, closing polls in democratic districts so voters need to drive far and stand in line for hours. And Labor doesn't do a good job of getting their important message to their members on which candidates help their cause. Shame!
Don't we need to show our Universal Health Care Card to get hospital services? If that is the case, illegal immigrants can get turned away. Should hospitals do that, Obamacare will have saved us taxpayers billions which used to go to treating illegal immigrants with no health insurance. Maybe then they'll go home voluntarily.