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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The absolute final game, #7 of the 2014 Major League Baseball World Series, will be held today at 8PM (EDT, 2PM Hawaii time), with the San Francisco Giants at Kansas City Royals.  The Royals fans are euphoric, for they won Game #6 last night 10-0.  The last time they were in the World Series was 29 years ago, when, in game #7, they beat the St. Louis Cardinals 11-0.  However, while on the same site, this is a totally different Kauffman (leftonly American League park named after a person--Ewing Kauffman owned the team, passing away in 1993) Stadium, for there was a $250 million renovation in 2009, reducing the capacity to only 37,903.

The Major League Baseball season actually started more than six months ago in Australia.  You probably did not know that the National Basketball Association opened their season last night.  If the finals go to seven, the final day of the NBA could be about 8 months from now.  The regular season ends on April 18, and the playoffs go on for at least two months.
This is the first Major League Baseball World Series I have actually watched in decades, maybe the most ever.  Why?  I think because I have a fantasy team  (CDM Diamond Challenge) that is doing well.  I am #1 in my league of 25.  I've already won $150 because I have such a huge league lead, and could, under best case conditions, win up to $200.  My investment for this team was $14.95.

Most of you don't care beans about the World Series.  I have provided reasons why you might actually want to view the game tonight:
  • The catchers wear brightly colored fingernail polish.   Here is Buster Posey to the right.  This is so the pitcher can better see the signs.  Kind of reminds me of Seoul, Korea, where a large number of women paint the nails on their feet.  I don't have a foot fetish, but on summer days sitting on the Seoul Subway, when slippers/sandals are won, this becomes obvious.
  • Major league baseball players spit...a lot.  Gross!
  • The Giants have a lot of chubby players.  The only weight-challenged Royal regular appears to be Billy Butler, here, next to Pablo Sandoval.  This is nothing close to high school softball players in Hawaii.  Earlier this year I noticed at a televised game that the majority of the girls were almost obese, and most were Polynesian.  This can't be good.
  • Giant's Hunter Pence commands the batting box.  Reminds me of a lion staking out his territory.  Or maybe a Tyrannosaurus Rex holding a bat.
  • Unless the Giants are leading or losing by five runs or more, you will almost surely at some point see Madison Bumgarner pitching in this third World Series game:

He is currently the best player in baseball.  Last year, each player on the winning team earned $307,323, with each loser getting $228,300.  Not bad, but the AVERAGE salary of a major leaguer last year was $3,386,212.

Keep in mind, though, that this not really a WORLD series, for the USA has yet to win the World Baseball Classic, held every four years in the USA.  The best we've done is fourth place.  Gold, silver, bronze?  We have not even placed for a medal.  Japan has twice won the world championship and the Dominican Republic once.  There are 134 Major League Baseball players from this country.  Only 12 from Japan.

The lava is interminably stalking Pahoa town on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Homes will be destroyed, probably beginning tonight:

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