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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Have you ever dreamed of living in the Paradise called Hawaii, and happen to have $10 million to spare?  Well, there is a $9.8 million penthouse on sale in the other twin tower of my condo complex:

What does $10 million get you in Hawaii?  Click on that article.  However, how many of you can afford this ridiculous sum?

What about a more affordable apartment under $1 million?  Horita Realty has one on sale for only $950,000.  I regularly see rainbows and spectacular sunsets.  Two typical shots this past year:

I await your offer.



orvine smith said...

Wow!! What a penthouse so beautiful. Should I take your penthouse for rent as I want to throw my party there? The view of this penthouse is awesome!!

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Michelle Courtney DeFiore said...

This is a great penthouse indeed. I've seen a lot of designs including a luxury penthouse Singapore so I know that this design is quite unique for a penthouse.