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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Christmas is two hump days away, and the New Year, three.  Let's start with outer space:

1.  Our Universe, photo above taken at the age of 370,000 years, is 13.82 billion years old, and is:
  • 95.1% totally unknown, with
  • 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy, which no one has yet seen nor measured

3.  It was recently announced that, global warming notwithstanding, a satellite measurement of a plateau at nearly 14,000 feet in East Antarctica was minus 135.8 F in August of 2010.  The official record remains minus 128.6 F at Vostok, Antarctica on 21July1983 because this was measured with a real thermometer.  Highs today in:
    South Pole: - 17 F
    Moscow:       11 F
    DC:               30 F
    Siberia:         71 F (Costa Rica)
    Siberia:       - 14 F (Russia)
    Honolulu:      83 F

3.  While Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana, with New York possibly to become #3, the whole country of Uruguay will very shortly join, after President Jose Mujica signs, and he will, because he thinks the global drug war has failed, and his government can better manage and sell pot.  You will be able to actually purchase marijuana in Colorado in two hump days.  Maybe by May, the State of Washington will allow 334 marijuana stores to open.

4.  Congressional budget leads, Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray, announced a monumental victory over gridlock, as a bipartisan agreement was reached for the next two years.  No brinksmanship games  on deficits and funding until, really, after the next presidential election.  Why?  They read the polls, Republicans were getting clobbered, so they caved.  Congress hasn't quite acted yet, but it will.  Who won?  Democrats and the Military Industrial Complex.  Our defense budget is thus largely spared from sequestration.  Why?  Crazy.   There is no enemy on the horizon and we now will spend more money on war.  Makes no sense to me.  It has something to do with jobs and getting re-elected.

5.  Sorry Miley Cyrus, TIME magazine two hump days from now (the date on the issue is the final day it should be on sale) will show Pope Francis as Man of the Year.  Leaker Edward Snowden, not Twerker Miley, was edged out at #2.


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