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Sunday, December 15, 2013


I spent the night a week ago in Waikiki to indulge in our Chaine des Rotisseurs gala dinner at the Halekulani.  I returned this Saturday for another stay at the Waikiki Sheraton and got a room next door to the one I had last week, but with a better view:

The Waikiki Sheraton is now 42 years old and has become one of my favorite places.  I'm here tonight mainly because this will be my 25th Starwood credit, which means I will continue on Platinum status next year.  There are four Starwoods in Waikiki:
  • Royal Hawaiian Hotel (which I find to be lacking)
  • Sheraton Moana Surfrider (which is pretty good, especially my favorite room)
  • Sheraton Waikiki 
  • Sheraton Kaiulani (very pedestrian)
I went down to the Infinity Pool for a free RumFire drink:

Then up to the Leahi Club for another free series of drinks with a reasonably favorable set of appetizers:

Then on to Restaurant Suntory to see if my scotch and gin were there:

Well, to my shock, the bar was closed.  However, if you have dinner, you can access your bottles of alcohol.  Mr. Torii, the owner is #1, while former Senator Dan Inouye is #2.  My number is very close to them and had my gin (martini) and Yamazaki whiskey (on rocks):

Daryl has been here for a quarter century:

I ordered a shabu shabu:

This was followed by a combination of miso soup, rice, etc:

This is the Christmas season, and Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaiian for Merry Christmas:

The view from my room at night:

Sunrise over Diamond Head:

Breakfast at the Leahi Club Lounge:

I am clearing out my apartment and saw a pair of tabi slippers, something I bought twenty years ago in Taiwan and never used.  So for my beach walk:

I enjoy walking the beach but always worry about shards of glass, sharp rocks or rusting metal pieces.  Now, I can walk without concern.  The continuous Waikiki Beach starts at the Sheraton:

The portion of the beach lapped by the waves are at an 20 degree angle, so I thought I'd walk where the ground was horizontal.  The sand here is deep so walking is not easy.  I had to rest at the Moana Hotel:

This is the first hotel built on Waikiki Beach, built in 1901.  The Hawaii Calls radio program, which emanated from this courtyard, ran from 1935 to 1975, hosted by Webley Edwards.  In person he was not as friendly, but I did get to know him after he retired, for he lived at the Maunalani Rest Home where Pearl worked.

Waikiki Beach is 2 miles long.  Of course, this can't compare to China Beach in Vietnam which is mostly 100 yards wide and 20 miles long. That is from Waikiki to Wahiawa.

Anyway, this the Ewa view of Waikiki Beach, with the Waikiki Sheraton (the largest structure) in the background:

My lunch from Il Lupino (located adjacent to the Sheraton) of a caprese salad and spaghetti with a meatball:

You will notice no one on the beach.  There is a severe thunderstorm and flood warning for the island.


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