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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My home golf course is Ala Wai:

I play there with a dimpled sphere.  That's Waikiki in the background.  

In July, when my handicap was 20, I made a decision to improve my game to 14 before the summer was over.  Well, I got down to 15 in August, which also was my previous low a decade or more ago.  Unfortunately, both my knees began to hurt, and my handicap in September zoomed back up to 20.  

So, as I'm getting too old, I made a final resolution to once and for all get down to 14 by the end of the year.  Today, I showed up with my sixsome and saw that my handicap had, indeed, dropped to 14...for the first time in my life.  I proceeded to shoot a 76, which means I will almost surely drop again.  The last time I scored below 80 was many years ago.  At my advanced age I am driving the ball further and playing better than ever in my life.  Amazing what one can do with a commitment.  Single digits in two weeks?  Well, let's not get ridiculous about this.

I can now rest in peace.  Which leads me to my next phase of life.  I passed the 15 Craigside geriatrics exam, financial check and health test, and was told I could move in anytime after I paid the entrance requirement.  This will probably not be till next year, but almost surely before March.

Click on Craigside Penthouse A2 to view my apartment, which is on sale for $950,000:

Rainbows very frequently.  The first potential purchaser will be visiting tomorrow.  The sunsets are also spectacular:

This morning there was a full moonset:


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