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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This is a blog site mostly about renewable energy and the environment to Save Planet Earth and Humanity.  However, the postings that attracted the most viewers had to do with entertainment, rainbows, scary animals, my travels/dining and OTEC.  Here are the top entries for 2013:
Close to 200,000 clicks were made to this site in 2013, averaging around 500/day.  Two hundred thirteen countries have visited Planet Earth and Humanity.

My low light of the year had to do with my two (plus one in December 2012) visits to the Queen's Emergency Center.  Just scroll down to the next posting to view the vivid details.  However, these ailments had to do with a swollen thumb, fish bone in throat and separated pinky, hardly what you might call life-threatening.

Otherwise, it was not a bad year, for I attained my primary goal for the year, which was to reach a golf handicap of 14, something I had never accomplished in my life.  I also shot a 76 last week, and my handicap actually settled at 13.  I was ready to descend into a single digit when I hurt my left hand.

My Ultimate Global Adventure (MUGA) took 52 days through Sydney, Bangkok, Japan, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Frankfurt, DC, Denver, San Francisco, and a two week period through Napa, Sonoma and Alexander Valleys for golf and wine.  You know I had too much of a good thing for me to say that I got tired of Dom Perignon and caviar.  While I beat David Niven who took all of 80 days, got to admit that his $2 million gambling winnings and a new wife outdid me.  Perhaps the highlight of this trip was that gold koi, which now represents Pearl in Japan at the Matsumoto Castle.  There is only one gold, so you can't miss it if you go there.

OTEC also seemed to make a revival this year, for several of my postings in addition to #5 above were well pinged.  Two in particular are noteworthy:
If Tomoyo Nonaka can become Prime Minister of Japan, that will significantly enhance prospects for OTEC and the Blue Revolution.  Current PM Shinzo Abe keeps shooting himself in the foot, so some change can be expected perhaps even as early as next year.  Otherwise, Lockheed Martin could well build an OTEC facility for China, and Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation might beat LM by constructing an OTEC system in the Caribbean.

My final life change looms with sale of my apartment and a move into 15 Craigside next year.  I hate to leave my rainbows and sunsets, but it's time to move on.

Well, let me end with my person of the year.  Sure TIME chose Pope Francis, however, I have someone a lot more exciting:

Miley Cyrus is my person of the year, for she not only defined the term twerking (above), the #2 word of the year, but did a selfie (the #1 word) of herself, as shown in the 30December2013 issue of TIME:

Last I heard, her father, Billy Ray Cyrus of Achy Breaky Heart fame, and her mother, Tish, have called off their divorce.  TOMORROW:  ALMOST SURE PREDICTIONS FOR 2014 AND BEYOND.

Oh, by the way, this is already 2014 for 

Dubai supposedly broke the record for "Largest Fireworks Display."

This is getting ridiculous, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 72 to 16,577, for the 52nd time this year, a new all-time record.  Just about every day since I sold my stocks last week this record has been broken.

Tropical Cyclone Bejisa is now at 110 MPH, will further strengthen, and now seems destined to plow right through Reunion.  I have so many friends there.


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