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Monday, January 25, 2010


I am now at the Furama Resort in Da Nang. I walked out to the beach, looked one way, and couldn't see the end of the beach. Then I looked at the other end and couldn't see the end of the beach. China Beach is 20 miles long and mostly about 100 yards wide. Some of you might have watched China Beach, the TV series, 1988-1991. This was named as the #5 best beach in Asia, so I've got to visit the other four, for China Beach is amazing.

Actually, the Viet Nam tourist site provided the following:

Vietnam's first and only 5-star luxury resort on the world famous "China Beach". 4 years awarded "Vietnam's Top Hotel" Trophy 2000-2003 by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, 4 years "Vietnam's Best Resort - The Guide Awards" by Vietnam Economic Times 2000-2003, "Best Dream Hotel in Asia" by Esquire Magazine Hong Kong, Winner 2002, "Asia's Best Resort" by Epicurean USA, "Trophy 2000-2003" by Trade Leaders' Club Spain, "BID" International Quality Century Award, Spain.

Now, this is more like it, although this posting seems dated. Going to the internet, a room with breakfast can be had for $173. There are 200 rooms and dinner at Indochine was outstanding, as our table of six ate ten lobsters, if not more, and I couldn't (allergy) even have one. Those are Maureen and Stan (fiscal manager for Roy's Restaurant) Paperny, Barb and Mark (attorney and power broker from Missouri) Kuhlmann and Curtis Lee (former VP of Servco)

Here we have Mark, Shep Goldstein (Boston), Stan and Dave Marder (Woodland Hills, California):

You can soon purchase an apartment for $180,000 and move in to Hyatt Regency Residences located across the street. A Hyatt hotel is coming. In fact, six mega resorts, including a J.W. Marriott with golf course, have been announced. Gregg Norman is designing a second golf course, with the surrounding Ocean Villas starting from $320,000. American company Silver Shores has announced a casino, with the hotel to be managed by Crowne Plaza.

Da Nang, located in central Vietnam, with a population of 1 million, has an international airport and world class port. Sai Gon is almost 400 miles south. You remember, of course, Da Nang Harbor from the Viet Nam War, home for 20% of American servicemen.


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