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Friday, April 29, 2011


The wedding of our current age was consummated today.  Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, at the age of 28, elder son of Charles and Diana, second in succession to his father to become King of England, wed commoner Catherine "Kate" Elizabeth Middleton (almost half a year older), dressed in an Alexander McQueen gown custom-designed by Sarah Burton, at Westminster Abbey.  I first mentioned them together last year, but earlier indicated that the colored pearls project we had received a setback when Professor Grant Burgess' PhD student, who spent time at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, decided to join the University of St. Andrews, where William met Kate.

Of course in attendance was Queen (59 years now) Elizabeth, all of 85, drenched in mustard. Elton John was there, with David Furnish, and so were David and Victoria.  Lot of uniforms. In fact, Harry's looked more impressive than Williams', with mostly morning coats and poorly tied ties.  I don't think I saw a perfect dimple.  Is William already getting bald?

The hats were outrageous and way over the top.

There will be two cakes:  a, yikes, fruit cake and one of chocolate crunch.

Just click on the Royal Wedding.  Whoops, kind of catchy, but try this one. Oh, that was Elizabeth's in 1947.  Anyway, if you are reading this, you saw it all on TV.  That's Elizabeth Alexandra Mary at the age of 7 to the left.  She reportedly fell in love with Philip at the age of 13.

About the main event, no Mendelssohn's Wedding March, no Wagner's Here Comes the Bride, but the ceremony sounded very similar to most of the weddings in America, with a ring and...was there a kiss?  I don't know, I think I fell asleep.  Oh, THE KISS will occur later at Buckingham Palace.

But I'm up, and the wedding processional with a lot of horses moved on to Buckingham Palace.  No hitch so visible protests...$32 million spent on bombs, thank heavens...things are going well an hour and a half into the process.

The wedding cost, maybe, $64 million, but the bride's parents paid only a small fraction.  It is a national holiday in the U.K.  The honeymoon will be...I don't know.  Anyway, the odds are Kate will become pregnant within the year, as was the case of Diana with William.

Next, Harry and Chelsy:

I had my Friday lunch from Rainbow Drive In, and noticed that the parking and outdoor eating options have expanded.  Plus, their barbequed ahi today is fabulous.  I ate the bento before thinking about taking a photo.  The size of the ahi just about covers the whole large plate.


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