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Friday, April 15, 2011


On my recent trip, I normally had a full breakfast, because it came free with the room, sometimes had the best  lunch of my life, and for a variety of reasons, had a decent dinner.  My sleeping pattern was challenged to catch trains/flight, plus adjust to those time zone changes.   I gained a few pounds.  

My normal day at home starts with half an apple in the morning (sometimes papaya, and if I'm golfing, avocado with a handful of salty nuts).  This is partly because I'm not that hungry, and mostly because I want to maintain my present weight, for I love to eat a bento lunch (Zippy's, Rainbow Drive, etc.), and a fabulous dinner.  Thus, I have only two meals a day.  I might have a beer for lunch and a glass of wine at dinner.  Since my trip, I've slept 9 hours, 10 hours and 8 hours.

I mention the above because:

  1.  An apple a day does keep the doctor away.  A recent Florida State University study indicated that apples in your diet lowered low density lipoprotein cholesterol by 23% after six months, increased high density lipoprotein by 4% and reduced your weight by 3.3 pounds.  Apples have pectin, phenols, flavonoids, vitamin C, and are supposed to kill 80% of bacteria in the mouth, thus also, then keeping the dentist away.  Mind you, these subjects were post-menopausal (usually 50 and older) women, but men are not that different, and I am old.  One for me.

2.  Big breakfasts are bad.  That's two.

  3.  Walter Bruening just passed away.  At 114, he was the oldest man in the world, and lived in Montana.  One of his secrets to a long life was eating two meals a day.  I'm three for three.  The oldest man is now Shige Hirooka of Japan, also 114.  The oldest person is Besse Cooper, also 114.  She lives in Georgia.  The oldest person who ever lived was Jeanne Calment of France.  She died at the age of 122 in 1997.  Below is a photo of her at 121.

4.  While this matter is widely debated, it is appearing that two drinks a day can be good for your health (for men...women, only one). For older people, there is a 23% reduced risk of mental decline.  Red wine, in particular, might be best.  Perhaps the anti-oxidant resveratrol and flavonoids might be the beneficial reasons.  Cabernet sauvignon has the most amount of the latter.  Two glasses of wine amount to 10 ounces, that's almost 40% of the normal sized bottle.  A beer a day appears to lower cardiovascular disease and strengthen bone/connective tissue.  Silicon is the reason, and ales have the highest concentration of this mineral.  I got everything covered here.

4.  I keep repeating this, but sleep is great for you.  Why?  Keeps heart healthy, may prevent cancer, reduces stress and inflammation, makes you more alert, bolsters your memory, helps you lose weight, makes you smarter, may reduce risk of depression, and aids your body repair itself.

So want to live longer?  Have only two meals a day, be careful about eating too much for breakfast, have some apple, feel free to have two drinks and sleep a lot.  Yes, this is my life today.  Much of all this is detailed in my chapter 2 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity.

The Dow Jones Industrials rose 57 to 12,342, with world markets also mostly up, except for Japan.  Gold broke another all time record, jumping $9/toz to $1487 because of inflation fears and oil increased again, with the NYMEX at $110/barrel and Brent Spot at $124/barrel.

Tropical Cyclone Errol, at 55 MPH, formed north of Australia and is headed towards Indonesia.


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