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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I just returned from my 6-week Oriental Odyssey, and you can't imagine how great it is to be home, so I decided to spend the day just reflecting.  I thought I'd bring family and friends up to date on the Pearl Foundation.  I have one more mission in the Fall, and will then move on with the rest of my life.  The following will be an especially long posting to serve as a record of activities.

In July, we will be celebrating her life again in Hilo.  Should you wish to participate, you can communicate with:

   Doris Miyasaka

   Gwen Nakamachi:

   Nancy Kelly: 

There are three parts to the total effort:

  1.  Planting of Pearl's yellow tree, and I hope to pass out a sapling to those who join us in July.

   2.  Two books, one recently completed, SIMPLE SOLUTION ESSAYS, also to be provided at the gathering in Hilo, and a second one, possibly, a kind of travelogue about the following ("3") subject.  The back cover has a photo of her, with the statement:


Pearl Yukie Nakamichi was born in Hilo, Hawaii.  She graduated from Hilo High School, then went on to St. Francis Nursing School in Honolulu.  She was working as a Registered Nurse at the Kau Hospital in Pahala on the Big Island when I met her.  We got married a little more than three months later.  We formed a perfect partnership.  She later went on to work for U.S. Senators Spark Matsunaga and Daniel Akaka.

In 1982 she found out she had breast cancer.  While she was recuperating, I gave her a sunburst flower.  No leaves, just one flower.  She brought it home and one plant multiplied, maybe, to a hundred over time.  She gave them away to friends.

She also loved that yellow tree, Tabebuia Donnelli-Smithii.   “In Gratitude, Not Grief,” these trees are being planted at sites throughout Hawaii in her memory.  The Pearl Foundation has been formed to follow through with this tribute.

3.  Scattering her ashes--not sure yet, but all these experiences could become my next book:

   a.  The first ceremony was a personal one on 10 August2009 at Rainbow Falls:

   b.  Then, Pearl's family and friends went up the slopes of Mauna Kea:
This ceremony was repeated a year later.

   c.  We honeymooned when the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel first opened, so that became site #3.  Then, I went on to the Four Seasons Hualalai, which became the fourth:
for I'm sure she'd have loved it here.  We first lived in Naalehu, #5, and #6 was at the Halemaumau Crater at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:
If you look closely, you will see a rainbow.

   d.  #7 was on my apartment roof, in a pot of sunbursts, which bloom every year in July, the month of her birth and death.

   e.  My first international ceremony was on 8February2010 at the Taj Mahal, #8:

   f.  My second global journey added on 29October2010 Mount Kilimanjaro, #10.  Two photos, the first (taken by Arturo Gonzalez, who sent this to me--he was on my Tauck African Safari) showing the mountain, the next among Jacaranda trees, her second most favorite tree:
These purplish flowers have a very pleasant scent.

   g.  On 17January2011 I visited the north side of Kauai, where I tossed her ashes, #11, into Hanalei Bay:
followed by our waterfall in Kilauea, #12.  This is where we lived soon after we were married.  Our backyard was the scene from the film, South Pacific, where you can click on France Nuyen and Happy Talk.  Honestly, Pearl looked like France.
I noticed some real estate on sale.  I think this view costs $3 million.

   g.  My recent trip involved several ceremonies.  #13 at the Grand Palace in Bangkok on 5March2011:

Then, in Japan, there were several Sakura sites, starting on 26March2011 at the Kumamoto Castle, #14:

#15, 27March2011, at the Nagasaki Peace Park:

Of course at the Peace Park in Hiroshima on 30March2011, #16, from where her ancestors came:

In Kyoto, #17 on 1April2011 at either Yasaka Shrine or Murayama Park, where there is the oldest Sakura in the city:

#18 on 8April2011 outside the Park Hyatt Tokyo, her favorite hotel:

On 10April2011, #19, at the Shinjuku Gyoen, her favorite cherry blossom park:

The most likely final ceremony, this coming Fall, will be at Machu Picchu, for she always wanted to go there, and I was the reason we did not.  The thought of Cuzco, at an elevation of 11,200 feet, did not appeal to me.  It has been exactly a century since Hiram Bingham of Hawaii founded this ancient Peruvian city.

Of course, I will need to again stop at Jindaiji:

for I failed to lay her ashes here, I was just stunned.

The Dow Jones Industrials fell 118 to 12,263, with world markets also all down.  Oil prices tumbled, NYMEX now at $106/barrel and Brent $121/barrel.  Goldman Sachs predicted that petroleum could drop by $20/barrel (into the Spring), so investors are getting out.  This means airline stocks should jump up.  GS predicted in 2008 that oil would reach $200/barrel.  It did not not, but the $147/barrel price in July was a shock to the system.  Gold today dropped $4/toz to $1455.


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