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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Scientific American took a poll of readers, and scientists scored the highest as the most trustworthy.  Next were "Friends and Family."  The MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY were "Religious Authorities."  I suspect that this feeling has been exacerbated by the sex abuse scandels.  My book 2, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, was partly written (Chapter 5) because we all grew up trusting religious leaders and the good morality of the whole thing, but I wondered why, for they had no proof of a heaven or afterlife.  To me, the condemning immorality of religion is this absence of proof.

How much are scientists trusted?

Interesting that flu pandemics were at the bottom.  When that flu scare popped up almost exactly two years ago, I felt compelled to post "A Pandemic Worse Than the Swine Flu," for I could not believe how the world went bonkers on such flimsy evidence.  (Photo right from Photobucket, mnielsen5.)  It is now clear that the World Health Organization of the United Nations made an uncharacteristically quick decision on declaring this empty fear as a pandemic because advisors were linked to pharma companies, who made a nice profit on this decision.

People in general overreact to anything serious that personally affects them.  Swine flu and airport security are good examples of needless spending because we want to protect our children and ourselves.  By the way, those 9/11 terrorists would have glided through current airport security, and the latest is that these machines could be carcinogenic.   So while that poll above reveals that scientific readers don't think much of scientists' views on flu pandemics, the masses don't read Scientific American and do care a lot about their life, even though they might be shortening their life.

On the other hand, scientists are losing the public on global warming.  Climate change is at the midpoint in the above bar graph, which is not bad, but, first, the misinformation campaign being conducted by the fossil industry is working, and two, people cannot identify with a tiny sea level rise per year or imperceptible  temperature increases.  The Republicans then make a case that any remediative efforts are too expensive, and voters like to believe them.

The Dow Jones Industrials leaped 115 to 12,595, while world markets were mixed.  Gold went up a buck to $1508/toz, while NYMEX petroleum remained at $112/barrel and the Brent Spot at $124/barrel.


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