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Thursday, April 7, 2011


The Four Seasons Marunouchi is a relatively new hotel, located just outside Tokyo Station, although there is an underground walkway connecting the two.  There are only 57 rooms, comparable in classiness to the Park Hyatt and Tokyo Westin.  You check in on the 7th floor, with rooms below, so there is not much of a view.  About the best is when I had breakfast:

This was my most beautiful breakfast, ever.  The tastes, here and there, were different.  See that melon looking thing next to the strawberries?  That's musk melon.  About the size of a cantaloupe, an expensive one can cost more than $50.  The meal you see here normally costs $55, but it was part of my room package..

There was a film crew, and I was the only one eating, so it felt like Lost in Translation, where the star was the Park Hyatt, which starts on around the 40th floor, so the views are next hotel in two hours.  I will post a review of all these hotels, probably on Monday, when I leave Japan to return home.

I walked around the Four Seasons this morning and stopped at Uniqlo:

where I bought a few more items.  I like the comfort of the material and still can't believe the cheapness, considering this is on the main Ginza drag.  I then wondered what these people were doing.  Gazing at the cherry blossom tree?
Nope, this is a smoking area, and the smell was, well, terrible.

Tomorrow, my report on the Park Hyatt and New York Grill, plus Shinjuku Goen, Pearl's favorite Sakura park.


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