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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


First, my Toyoko Inn breakfast, which was very satisfactory, and free:

My travel today from Aomori to Sapporo was comfortable and enjoyable:

Of course there was snow:

The highlight of the day was dinner at Mikuni, a French restaurant using local products, arranged by mystery lady, Maria.  We started with Kir Royale:

and a local wine, Furano Zweigeltrebe:

I never did get around to taking any notes, but here are the courses:
A lot of foie gras, thus far.
The above was a Viennese hirame, I think.

That's a Hokkaido wagyu beef above with oxtail on the right.  Then came cheese, some from this island, with a Muscat:
And, dessert:

Terrific meal, great company.  Who is Maria?  Stay tuned.

Day 26, some possibly good news:  TEPCO plugged the leak into the sea, I think.


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