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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


1.  I save $500/day by staying home.

2.  Yukio Edano, while no flunky (he is in the House of Representatives of their Diet, and, appropriately enough, graduated from Tohoku University), must be the most boring government spokesperson in the history of television.

3.  I bought a 2 kilogram bag of Niigata koshihakiri rice from Uonuma, said to be #1 in Japan, for 2646 Yen.  Thus, this rice costs a little more than $7/pound.  If you're really lucky, you would pay that amount for, say, Hinode or Calrose, but you would get a 20 pound bag, thus, 35 cents/pound.  But the more likely price for a tiny bag would be around 50 cents/pound.  Thai rice is supposedly around 27 cents/pound.  Uncle Ben's can be bought online (free shipping if you don't live in Hawaii) for around $4/pound.  For the record, I've had taste tests at home comparing this Niigata with Akita (said to be #2) and California Calrose, and my guests were spread as to which one was the best with Zippy's chili.

The Dow Jones Industrials inched up 7 to 12271, while world markets were mixed.  Gold increased $3 toz to $1458, while NYMEX crude is back up to $107/barrel and Dated Brent $123/barrel.  Why the difference today?  Click on why.


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