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Friday, April 8, 2011


I've now been on the road for more than five weeks, and I had my first American breakfast this morning at the Park Hyatt Tokyo.  Can you believe this:

was a $45 breakfast?  A couple of weeks ago this would have cost $48, but the exchange rate changed from 80 yen/dollar to 84.  The ham is the junk kind, and the egg over easy was hard.  The Honolulu Rainbow Drive-in breakfast for a tenth the cost is more satisfying.  Well, I'm on my way back to the Tokyo Westin, where their breakfast buffet is too, too extravagant.

I noticed that the Brent Spot price for petroleum is up to $127/barrel, while the NYMEX is at $113/barrel.  When I started my trip on March 1, the price of oil was $97/barrel.  Amazingly enough, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange has oil at $104/barrel in December of 2019.  Yes, 2019!  Haven't they heard of Peak Oil???


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