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Friday, March 9, 2018


For most Americans, there is little personal reason to fear a nuclear missile attack from North Korea.  We in Hawaii less than two months ago were jolted by:


That episode led me to check just how vulnerable Hawaii was to incoming missiles.  We have Pearl  Harbor, infamous for at least one historic surprise attack.  Washington, DC is twice as far away as we are from Pyongyang.  But what was alarming to me was to learn that if North Korea really wanted to succeed with a strategic strike, this island state was the ONLY site worthy of exploiting.  Why?  The Continental USA is protected by a wave of anti-missile defenses.  Hawaii depends on interceptors located at Vandenburg Air Force Base in California and from Fort Greeley, Alaska.  By the time someone makes a decision that this is serious, and stumbles through the legal protocol, then presses the button, the odds are overwhelming that anything helping us from those two locations will be too late.

Not particularly surprising, but the Department of Defense has continued to delay installing a $1 billion tracking system here.  If money is appropriated today, it would not be until  2023 that this piece of equipment could become operational.  Not so bad, right?  Terrible, for only after this radar is shown to work will the military then consider actually installing interceptor missiles.  By then Kim Jung-un will be approaching retirement.

Thus, learning yesterday about the high probability Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un would meet to determine how North Korea will disarm was something of pure joy.  Sure, the world is already too weary of both leaders saying something and doing something else.  And no matter what happens, Trump will never be removed from my list of people who are abominable, boorish, creepy, dishonest...I have a word for just about every letter of the alphabet.

Yet, if Trump had been like Obama and Reagan and Carter and every other U.S. president, this possibility of a possible settlement would never have occurred.  The Bad Cop role Trump played worked as a too obvious, but nevertheless successful, gambit.  Never has any leader of the Free World (also known as President of the USA) ever spoken by phone or in person to any North Korean Kim, going back to the Too Obese Ruler's grandfather.  Jung-un, incidentally, has a body mass index of 45.4 (5'7" and 290 pounds--his father, Jong-il, was only 5'3").

Now, many of us are worried that The Donald will find yet another way to insult The White-Walled Leader (I'm doing this to make our President look good) to scuttle this opportunity.  Yet he will take Air Force One to Incheon to meet in Seoul or the DMZ.  At least that is my speculation as to where this monumental encounter will occur.  CNN further provides five reasons why all this makes sense, for Trump can be the deal- and history-maker in his unorthodox and freelance fashion to further seal his fame as a reality TV star.

This upcoming moment in history presents Kim Jung-un a world platform to become the Universal Peacemaker.  It was last year on July 4 that my blog suggested this potential:

Here is the paragraph that could raise Jung-un to immortality:

First he says my missiles were always an attempt at going to Mars.  He argues, though, that his country would stop testing them and disarm all their nuclear bombs if ALL other nations do so too. Elon Musk might object, but let's say unusual sanity prevails, and somehow, society does, in time, eliminate these weapons. 

I've had a few months to re-think that statement.  Hey, get serious, can you imagine Donald Trump saying, okay, let us all get rid of our nuclear weapons.  Just won't happen.

But I have an up-dated solution for world peace.  Kim says:

I will very shortly, with international oversight, begin to dismantle all our nuclear weapons.  I will henceforth abandon our missile and bomb efforts, forever.  HOWEVER, I WILL ONLY AGREE TO THIS DECISION IF ALL OTHER COUNTRIES DESTROY HALF OF THEIR NUCLEAR ARMAMENT.  I  (Kim) will keep our inventory in reserve until the United Nations assures me that every nation has initiated steps and the U.S., China and Russia have reasonable plans to also do so.  All this can be accomplished by the end of the year, if not before.  About the other half of nuclear weapons, I leave that for the United Nations to negotiate.


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