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Thursday, March 1, 2018


It was three years ago that I caught the dreaded flu.  Here is the story:

If you want background, scroll down to my Tuesday posting which reports on the fact that I contracted the latest incarnation of the flu.  I felt equally terrible on Wednesday, and because of excruciating ear aches, which made sleeping difficult, I took two Advils at 6PM, 36 hours into my ailment.  Almost immediately, my fever dropped, all my pains dulled and I went to sleep.  However, I awoke after an hour in cold sweat.  I took a shower, and went through the same routine two more times.  At 10PM, my fever had totally disappeared and I had an appetite.  IS IT POSSIBLE THAT TWO ADVILS CURED ME OF THE FLU?  My doctor suggested, while I'm the only two-day flu (nurses here kind of agreed I had the flu from the test measurements they took, but is not a positive laboratory confirmation) patient he had seen this year, it was "only" because I had a healthy body, which, actually, is praise enough.

Post-nasal drip caused coughing on my trip back home to Honolulu from San Francisco on Monday of this week.  Tuesday the cough got worse.  Wednesday, my throat began to hurt.   I had no appetite.  When I tried to sleep that night, I couldn't.  Usually, when I get an ailment, sleep cures it.  For some reason, my body refused to let me sleep because it was afraid that the sore throat could suffocate me.  The pain was severe.  I don't recall ever not being able to sleep the whole night.

Morning came, and I had a temperature, throat hurt and coughing was terrible.  So I took two Advils.  Within an hour I was sweating, my temperature significantly dropped, my throat was no longer sore and my coughing stopped.  I took a shower and had a breakfast, for my appetite returned.  I went back to bed and actually slept for two hours.  

I thought, though, that it was wise to see my personal Doctor, Kohatsu, who usually spends Thursday mornings at 15 Craigside.  So I called, and was able to make an appointment.  I gave him the story of two Advils, and he mostly went along, though not really believing those pills could make that much of a difference.  

He had the nurse take a nose sample to check if I had the flu.  That really would be something if I did have the flu, again.  In any case, I will be quarantined in my room for several days.  Here, if you're sick, they deliver your meals to you, and you don't need to pay the $2.50 charge.  Tonight, it will be spaghetti with meat sauce and a large salad.  I have two basil plants on my lanai.  No poker for a few days.

As Donald Trump has been bragging about the great job he has done for the economy, I thought I'd show you the Dow Jones for the year:


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