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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

DONALD TRUMP: Cruising Down the River

Do you, too, have the uncomfortable feeling that Donald Trump's presidency seems destined for disaster?  He finally fired that hypocrite who called him a moron, Rex Tillerson; the House Intelligence Committee found no collusion with Russia;   the economy looks okay with tax reform a plus; there seems to be at least some minor movement on gun control; his trade tariff action on the surface promotes Buy American; his Bad Cop gambit has brought Kim Jung-un to the bargaining table; and all his sexual peccadillos have not nailed him as badly as Harvey Weinstein, in fact, not at all...there has not been a total abandonment of the fair gender.

So who does Trump replace as Secretary of Peace (also known as State)?  Michael Pompeo, head of our international spy agency, also called the Central Intelligence Agency, a former Congressman who graduated #1 in his class from West Point and went on to a Harvard Law Degree, who has had zero experience with international relations.  Why?  They agree on punishing Iran, flouting the Paris Climate Change Agreement and leveling North Korea in any possible way.  Trump could have picked dozens of fine Americans, but could not find even one person that totally agrees with his insane global perspectives.

Remember, there is a consensus of the intelligence community that Russian President Vladimir Putin helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election.  Well, the House Intelligence Committee said they found no evidence of collusion and ended their investigation. 


Why did the committee come to such a sudden decision.  To appease the White House.  All politics.  But Trump has not yet fired Robert Mueller, and the evidence is mounting.

Yes, gun control action is looming in Congress, but no thanks to the President:

After the Florida high school massacre last month, Mr. Trump explicitly called on live television for raising the age limit to purchase rifles and backed 2013 legislation for near-universal background checks. He later told lawmakers that while the N.R.A. has “great power over you people, they have less power over me.”

What is it about the National Rifle Association that scares Republicans?  For some reason, the Second Amendment keeps coming up, as it did Friday when the NRA sued the State of Florida for the recent bill signed by the Governor Scott, raising firearm sales to the age of 21.  Read my posting on THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS OBSOLETE AND SHOULD BE REPEALED.  I haven't found one person who can come up with a convincing counter argument.

About that Trump-Kim Summit on World Peace and Denuclearization, Kim won't go to DC and Trump will not fly to Pyongyang.  Somewhere in South Korea seems sensible, but Sweden, Russia, China, Switzerland, Singapore and a dozen other sites have been floated.  Heck, why not Hawaii, for we made recent world headlines after the missile scare.  I wonder if anyone got my message to the White-Walled Leader, where I suggested:

I will very shortly, with international oversight, begin to dismantle all our nuclear weapons.  I will henceforth abandon our missile and bomb efforts, forever.  HOWEVER, I WILL ONLY AGREE TO THIS DECISION IF ALL OTHER COUNTRIES DESTROY HALF OF THEIR NUCLEAR ARMAMENT.  I  (Kim) will keep our inventory in reserve until the United Nations assures me that every nation has initiated steps and the U.S., China and Russia have reasonable plans to also do so.  All this can be accomplished by the end of the year, if not before.  About the other half of nuclear weapons, I leave that for the United Nations to negotiate.

Here, then, Kim can come to the meeting with Trump assured that North Korea will immediately give up nuclear weapons.  I wonder how our fearless leader would then react to this offer?  That would be priceless on world television.

Finally, why is Peggy Peterson (name on $130,000 agreement to keep quiet), born Stephanie Clifford, but also known as Stormy Waters, more popularly featured as American pornographic actress Stormy, willing to give up that $130,000 to talk?  One, she'll get a lot more for the fallout, and has probably been assured of at least that amount by some Democrat.  Again mostly politics.  Trump had a lengthy affair with Stormy in 2006 soon after Barron was born to Melania.  The agreement, where Trump is identified as David Dennison, was reached 12 days before election day in 2016.    Wonder what other incriminating evidence she will have to display.

Read First Porn President in the column by Maureen Dowd on your op-ed page, who also mentions Alana Evans (aka Dawn Vanguard, guess her occupation), Jessica Drake (aka Angel Ryan, same) and 1998 Playmate of the Year Karen McDougald.  That special election today in Pennsylvania will show if women are reacting to their president's gaucherie.

What is Donald Trump doing at Iguazu Falls?


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