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Saturday, March 3, 2018

MY FLU: Day 4

While in bed I had plans to use an Excel worksheet to quantify a dozen or so parameters, determining a number to describe how terribly I felt from the flu.  Then I came to the computer and decided that was too much work for a still kind of sick person, but more importantly, who out there reading this would want such details.

So here are the gruesome details:
  • Day -1:  On Monday I flew from San Francisco to Honolulu and began coughing from post nasal drip.  I felt otherwise okay.
  • Day 0:  My cough got a little worse.
  • Day 1:  I walked 9 holes at Ala Wai Golf Course, but gave up because I thought, why is an old man going through so much agony just to lose a few pounds.  My cough had worsened.  That night, something freaky happened.  I was extremely exhausted, but could not sleep...all night.  My throat hurt terribly, and I thought, surely I had caught a cold.  I also now had a fever.
  • Day 2:  I decided to try the Advil solution, and surely enough, I began to sweat, took a shower, all my pains went away, including the fever, and I had a good breakfast.  However, I decided to see if my personal doctor was in the building that morning.  He was, and I went to see him.  My blood pressure was measured at a really nice 116/64, with a high pulse rate of 84.  I told him I actually felt fine, and this was due to two Advils.  He nevertheless got a nurse to place this brush up my nose into my throat to take a sample to determine if I had the flu.  That was very uncomfortable.  I would rank it as worse than an injection.  He said until the results came in, stay in my room and I could order food from the dining room for free.  Yes, I do pay for the food, but take-out is normally $1.50, with an added $1 charge for delivery.  So being sick saved me $2.50/day.  My doctor's office called to inform me that I had the flu and that Tamiflu had been prescribed.  Getting it was an adventure, for Walgreens needed to see my credit card.  So a staff member from 15 Craigside went there and used my card to pay the $5 cost (remember, if you read my posting of yesterday, normal people pay $138).  One thing I've got to mention:  all the staff, especially from the clinic, are incredibly helpful and solicitous with great attitude.  Half the time my meal order is wrong, but, so what.  My first Tamiflu and I began to feel worse.  Sleeping was better, but at most, maybe 4 hours, and I was in bed for at least 12 hours.
  • Day 3:  I awoke to take the second Tamiflu capsule and I began to feel like I actually had the flu.  I spent the day mostly coughing and expectorating.  Really foul stuff.  My appetite had dropped.  That night I slept maybe 5-6 hours.
  • Day 4 (today):  Maybe Tamiflu is working, for I woke up with an appetite.  I had my best papaya in years:

Still coughing and blowing my nose.  So much so that I developed a disposal system that works.  Instead of some kind of plastic container, which I could stumble over, I'm using a paper market bag.  When I thought this up, I wondered what my shot percentage would be, especially as I would now and then be tossing the wad over my shoulder at night in the general direction of the bag.  I thought, maybe 25% accuracy.  Turned out, after a dozen shots, I'm at 100%.  Haven't missed yet, but haven't yet needed to try that backwards toss.  

Two tissues are not enough, four are too many, so I've settled on three.  In a roughly circular size I would think that the whole bag would have been filled.  I'm into my second large Kleenex box.  I began by flushing them down the toilet, but got concerned that I was overloading the system.  So I now just transfer the used tissues into a large plastic bag, which I will later in the day actually leave my apartment for the first time to walk down the hall to use the trash disposal.  I've also got all those styrofoam containers from my delivered meals in that bag.  I'll now be having for lunch wing dings (maybe one of the worst foods ever made--chicken wings, battered and french fried).  Anyway, I'm making it ever more lethal, for I plan to slice three cloves of garlic, fry the pieces in butter, add some some white onions and toss the WDs into the pan.  I wonder if red wine is allowed if I'm on Tamiflu?


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