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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


When I learned that Melania's parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs (photo taken a half century ago), somehow gained green cards, it occurred to me that one of The Donald's tweets specifically sought a halt to chain migration by family reunification.  So what happened?  Here are seven other ways they could have succeeded.  But what is the truth?  Is this a serious question?  Got nothing better to do?  Trace this rumor:  they actually live in the White House.  They were there at the Turkey Pardoning Ceremony and definitely stay at Mar-a-lago and Trump Tower.

Wasn't there a deadline of March 5 when President Donald Trump  in September ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?  Sure, but Congress never acted to restore this status and Trump seemed waffly on the matter anyway.  Multiple federal judges overruled the Administration and the Supreme Court declined to consider.  But isn't there another government funding deadline occurring on March 23?  Yes, but DACA is no more a hot topic.

Robert Mueller's investigation today accused Donald Trump's former campaign chair, Kellyanne Conway, and current Counselor to the Man, of twice breaking the Hatch Act.  How serious is this?  Trivial.  At worst, she'll get kicked out of government, but will no doubt make more money by helping Trump get re-elected in 2020.  By the way, if you're confused, in 1887 a different Hatch Act created all those university agricultural experiment stations.  It was the 1862 Morrill Act that paved the way for land grant state colleges.

Here is a factoid that stunned me.  During a good part of those chilly Pyeongchang (37.4) Winter Olympics period I was in San Francisco (37.8).  I would never have guessed that SFO is located north of Pyeongchang, or Seoul (37.6).  Sure, people say those cold ocean currents are why the City by the Bay is always freezing.  Now there is one more reason.  Have you ever been in Seoul during a winter storm?  I have.  That's cold!!!  And only 37.6 N.  It did snow in San Francisco on 21January1962.  We made snowmen on campus.  This was the morning after an incredible champagne party, so there were visions of heaven when we awoke.

Other cities at 37 N:  

38:  DC   39:   Beijing    
40:  New York City and Naples   
41:  Chicago, Rome and Barcelona   
42:  Boston  43:  Toronto and Florence
44:  Monaco and Christchurch 
45:  Montreal, Milan, Venice, Queenstown
48:  Paris, Munich and Vienna    
49:  Vancouver    50:  Brussells    
51:  London  52:  Amsterdam and Berlin    
53:  Dublin   
55:  Edinburgh, Copenhagen and Moscow
59  Oslo and Stockholm
60:  Helsinki and Bergen
67:  Reykjavik (Iceland)

So why was Pyeongchang so cold?  Elevation:  2300 feet.  San Francisco?  52 feet.  Honolulu? I just took this photo from my 12th floor apartment at 21.3 N, and note the beginning bloom of what I thought was Pearl's Gold Tree.  Turns out there are at least four different kinds of yellow-flower tree, all blooming over the next month or so, and this specie on the grounds of Kalakaua Middle School is another kind of variety:

There is a potentially major ocean storm wandering around Vanuatu, predicted to attain Category 3 strength:


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