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Thursday, March 15, 2018

DONALD TRUMP: Hanging On at the Crest

I left you two days ago with President Donald Trump hanging on to a tree at the crest of a waterfall. Would he do a swan dive and fire himself with grandeur, or continue to hang in there with his apprentices?

Secretary of State Tillotsen is now mostly gone and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster should be next, but FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe could well be fired before this weekend when he was planning to retire to retain his pension.  He was supposedly pro-Clinton, which in itself is amazing that he is still there, but letting him go for that reason would be too mean, but expected. 

Donald Trump's personal aide and body "guard", John McEntee, was abruptly fired because the Department of Homeland Security is investigating him for SERIOUS financial crimes.  So what does Trump do?  McEntee will fill a SENIOR operational position on Trump's re-election campaign.  Serious financial crimes?  

Two days ago I left you at the stage where the House Intelligence Committee ended their investigation because there was no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia.  You got to be kidding said the Democrats on that committee, and mere hours later submitted a rebuttle, which you can read here.

Then there was Florida having the gall to pass gun control legislation, forcing the NRA to sue the state for violating the constitutional rights of 18 to 21 years olds.  It was exactly a month ago when 17 were killed at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Yesterday, students across the country, even Hawaii, spent 17 minutes on walkouts to spur action on gun control.  Why is this important?  They will all vote by 2020.  But, more importantly, as soon as this November, when you add their parents, friends and sympathizers, every marginal Republican will be in serious trouble.

About the imminent termination of Donald Trump's leadership as symbolized by that waterfall, the German Parliament just named Angela Merkel to her historic fourth term as Chancellor for most of the rest of her life.  Chancellor is equivalent to Prime Minister, as in the UK.  First, she was/is the first female C/PM, which began with Otto von Bismarck in 1867, but really goes back to the Holy Roman Empire.  There was a temporary adjustment for Adolf Hitler  in 1934 when he became der Fuhrer.  

For the record, Germany also has a president, and while this individual appoints the chancellor, there is no real power.  His name is Frank-Walter Steinmeier.  Merkel is now set to rule for 16 straight years, which would equal that of her mentor, Helmut Kohl.  There is no limit to the number of terms.

Which leads me to the hoo-ha about China's National People's Congress amending their constitution to remove the previous limit of two consecutive five-year terms for the presidency.  Xi Jinping is now China's President for Life.  

But don't expect him to necessarily remain in that position for more than 15 years.  This move was mostly to remove Xi's lame duck second five-year leadership, which begins this month.  Most assuredly, Donald Trump and the Republican Congress have something to ponder over, but I wonder how the American people would react to a Trump-for-life-Presidency.

Don't wonder too long, for his support of Roy Moore for the Senate seat from Alabama, mussed up his hair, and Democrat Conor Lamb (right) victory over Republican Rick Saccone for a House seat from Pennsylvania will accelerate the process toward baldness.  Even if Lamb lost in a close race, that enough would have been sufficient for Democrats, for Donald Trump blitzed Hillary Clinton by a victory margin of 20% in this district.  This was such a hopeless seat that Democrats did not even run during the two previous cycles.  Saccone has not conceded:
Incidentally, Roy Moore also never did concede, with Doug Jones being sworn in on January 2 as the first Democratic Senator from Alabama in 25 years.

Wait a minute, doesn't that hair-do below look familiar?  What happened to the body?


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