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Friday, February 17, 2017


Have you noticed that Congress has been rather disorganized on how to proceed with President Donald Trump's edicts?  However, a few pieces of toxic legislation have been acted upon, like making it easier for people with serious mental problems to purchase guns and allowing mines to more easily pollute the environment.  Oh, the U.S. Senate just confirmed Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency head.  He has gained a reputation filing lawsuits against the EPA and is resolved to abolish this department.

Let me today focus on just another bit of insanity, their official views on global climate change, an issue that will provoke wide scale domestic and international alarm as the year unfolds.  Start by reading my 28 September 2016 posting on  Is Global Warming a Hoax?  Scientists measure the temperature of the atmosphere throughout the year.  England has been doing this since 1659 and true global measurements began in 1850.  Clearly Planet Earth has been heating up, and, it is getting worse: 

The average of 1900 to 1909 was 56.73 F.  This average temperature rose 0.43 by the 1950's to 57.16 F.  Then another 0.96 to 58.12 F in the 2000's.  In 2016, up 0.57 to 58.69.  Definite increase in rate.  2014 was the hottest temperature ever measured, then came 2015 which was hotter yet, then 2016 which was the warmest on record.

You think there might be a correlation of global temperature with the increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere?  President Donald Trump says global warming is a hoax!

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

But that was more than four years ago.  What does he truly believe today?  Al Gore met with Donald and Ivanka Trump in December and offered some hope.  Even most of his voters feel that global warming is real.

One of the reasons why people like Trump might sincerely think climate change is not conclusive is because they tend to read conservative drivel, such as from Climate Depot:

This is a blatant climate change denial website, and they cherry-pick at will.  Here is the real data:

Note how they have selected that portion of the graph when El Nino and other events did cause a hiatus.  

But isn't there also a petition said to be signed by 31,000 scientists that there is no convincing evidence that humans are causing this?  Read this expose, and hammer the key points as nails to seal that coffin, as 97% of climate scientists believe that human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures.  China leaders, incidentally, are taking this issue with some seriousness, and mostly roll their eyes as to why the President of the USA is blaming them.

President Trump is not a certified idiot.  He is reasonably smart.  And he at least talks to Ivanka, who could become the voice of reason within the Trump clan. Both PUS#45 Donald Trump and the chairman of the key environment committee in the Senate, James Inhofe, are successful Americans who got elected by their citizenry.  

On a matter of so much significance to Planet Earth and Humanity, how can these two individuals attain the top two leadership roles for determining this issue with attitudes in polar opposite to scientific consensus?  That is, indeed, a puzzlement.  Inhofe further is proud of his The Greatest Hoax:  How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future?  I got to think that being registered Republicans, there must be some perversely insidious dialectical ratiocination at play, partially explained by my classical HuffPo on Why Do Republicans Like Fossil Fuels and Not Care That Much for the Environment?

Hey, this is Friday.  I can't end on such a sour note.  So let me add just one more Hitler Rage Parody, this one which appeared the day after Donald Trump was elected PUS (President of the United States) #45.  Be a little patient and click on the play button.  For more of these, scroll down to the next posting.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to another all-time high....20,624...and so did the Nasdaq Composite, up to 5839.


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