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Monday, February 13, 2017


COFFEE has joined chocolate and wine as an anti-aging superfood.  I've reported on chocolates and wine before, so let me today focus on coffee.  Why is coffee so good for your body?  It has antioxidants (helps body repair cell damage cause by free radicals) and caffeine (has been scientifically shown to fight Parkinson's disease and other age-related brain problems).  For those who are not so old, too, coffee is linked to these health benefits:
  • heart disease (up to 25 percent reduction in mortality risk for women)
  • diabetes (up to 60 percent reduced risk)
  • dementia (up to 65 percent reduced risk)
  • colon cancer (up to 25 percent reduced risk)
  • cirrhosis (up to 80 percent reduced risk)
  • gallstones (almost 50 percent reduced risk)
  • Parkinson’s disease (up to 80 percent reduced risk – probably because of caffeine)
  • headache relief (because of the caffeine)
  • asthma relief (caffeine again)
  • cavity protection (because of anti-bacterial and anti-adhesive properties of compounds within coffee)
I am so convinced that I now drink a lot more coffee, eat more chocolates and drink too much wine.

From Healthy Aging is this list of 10 longevity resolutions, and, clearly, I'm already mostly a convert:

  • Smile more:  I smile a lot because I'm now more than ever living life my way.  University of Kansas researchers found that your heart rate more quickly returned to normal even when you held chopsticks between your teeth, the idea being that this forced grin also worked as well.  To me this ruins the whole argument, for I thought the mental aspects of smiling triggered these positive symptoms.
  • Now and then, pause:  a few minutes of relaxation and meditation can reduce stress and lower depression.  Then it is stated that pausing helps you maintain a healthier weight, but I wonder if they meant pause before eating anything.  No details provided.
  • Eat chocolate:  See first topic above.  Further, though, the processing of the chocolate you consume can make the difference, for you want to preserve the flavonols in the cocoa.  The use of baking soda in the process is particularly detrimental.
  • Get outside:  I golf.  Nature-assisted therapy is gaining a following.
  • Spend time with other people:  Good thing I moved from Craigside to 15 Craigside, for I was becoming a hermit in my apartment.  Now I live with 200 others.
  • Eat more nuts:  Our 15 Craigside tables not only burgeon with wine, chocolates and coffee, but also with nuts.  An ounce of nuts each day meant your risk of death was 20% lower.  This from Harvard.  More specifically, reduction of 29% in deaths from heart disease, the major killer in American, and also from cancer.  What nuts?  Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamias, pecans, pistachios and pine nuts.
  • Spend time on a cause you love:  Would golf be considered?  Probably not, for this article advocated volunteering your services.  Will need to re-think this, for a few months ago I announced at a 15C Resident's Council meeting that I was abandoning all chairmanships forever to live life my way.    
That last resolution is flawed, for freedom resulted in my stress level dropping to an all-time low, which minimized inflammation, the underlying cause of a whole range of ailments.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke its all-time high for the third day in a row, up 143 to 20,412.  Convincingly enough, the S&P 500 Index (2328) and Nasdaq Composite (5764) also attained their best ever.  Great for my endowments, but I hate giving credit to Donald Trump.

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