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Thursday, February 23, 2017


What began as a scientific blog site to report on renewable energy and ocean resources expanded into all the subjects covered in my books, meaning anything I wish to write about--for SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity touched on religion, crime, politics, nutrition, education, travel and SETI (and tomorrow I bring us up to date on extrasolar Earths).  So this has become kind of a daily dairy.   

Thus, pardon me, but I can't make fun of PUS#45 and try to Save Planet Earth and Humanity everyday.  I do plan to review biofuels in a couple of days.  My first job 55 years ago was as a biofuels engineer.

I started this week with a hot dog and garlic fries plus beer at the University of Hawaii baseball field.  That's Diamond Head in the background:

After I got home, just another sunset.

Then, I slept ten hours, the most I've had this year.   As you might know, I now have two new types of pillows.  Don't think they actually make much difference in sleep quality, but they are clean. 

Nothing better to do on Monday, for it was a holiday and my monthly golf card didn't work, so went to perfect my Tai Chi golf swing at the Ala Wai Golf Course.

A large bucket costs $8, about the price of what I pay for walking 18 holes.  The best part of this new technique is that my shots are a lot more consistent.  Generally, too, my drives are now 20-30 yards longer.  I've mentioned this method to several people I've golfed with, and around a third of them immediately grasp the significance of what was happening.  Watch for me anytime soon on the Champions Tour.  I did endure my second lesson in Tai Chi this week.

Lunch yesterday was from J-Shop, where I spotted several musk melons each selling for $87.75:

It's about the size of a cantaloupe, and tastes somewhat similar, but sweeter.  They are grown in greenhouses in Japan and treated with the same kind of care and reverence as Japanese Wagyu Beef.  Alas, both are eaten.  I did not buy one, for there are limits to my extravagance, but did purchase a bento:

Here is what it looked like in my car at the Diamond Head Lookout, with a Kirin Beer:

Remember, this is the beef that cost $90/pound, and Tuesday was the final day you could get 20% off at J-Shop.  There is something soul-satisfying about living life your way.

I parked where tourists are prevalent:

That is a dove heading my way.  I'm also right next to the Amelia Earhart Memorial:

Her first job was working on a golf course.  She disappeared just about 80 years ago, and the next search will occur from June 21 - July 11 to explore the Nikumaroro Hypothesis. Apparently you, too, can join the expedition.  Call 800 252 4910.  Airfare plus $9,000, double occupancy.

When I returned, 15 Craigside was saying aloha to Suzie for a job well done.  She is moving on to Arcadia and will eventually run the entire operation, for her father, Emmet, has long served as overall manager, and our sister property just celebrated its 50th-year anniversary.  It's clear which one is Suzie:

Margaret, who is chairman of the 15C Association Board, Suzie, Ted (former president), Bree (who came to us from Hawaiian Electric and has taken over for Suzie) and Eric (current president of the Association).

I end with my Miracle Fruit plant, scientifically known as Synsepapum dulcificum.  Hopefully red berries will soon appear.  One will improve the taste of food.  There is some controversy that the sugar industry sabotaged the commercialization of this product.  I'll provide details in a later posting.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, for the tenth straight day, broke its all-time high, up 34 to 20,810.  All signs show an end this streak on Friday.


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