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Saturday, February 4, 2017


There was a long period in my life when I watched every National Football League game shown on television.  I then usually had fantasy teams or participated in football game leagues such Stratomatic.  Way back in 1980 I bought a Mitsubishi 60" TV set, the best you could get in those days.  It just never broke down, so I finally gave it away, and two decades ago I paid $10,000 for Audio Lab to design and install a 100" TV system in my apartment, with surround sound.  The motivation was to better watch pro football.  How many homes today have a 100" set?

This year, I might have viewed a quarter of two, total for the season, when Marco Mariota (who is from Hawaii) was playing, but he broke his leg, and I stopped watching NFL football.  I missed all the playoff games.  But tomorrow is the Chinese Super Bowl, Super Bowl LI, which actually stands for #51.  So I'll be tuned in at 1:30PM Hawaii Time, but mostly for the commercials.

On this note, I might add that there is another complementary sporting event, and purposefully not competitive, for the Professional Golfers' Association Phoenix Open would suffer if they dared.  So before SBLI, tune in to CBS from 3PM to  6PM Eastern Time for the WMPO.  This is now called the Waste Management Phoenix Open, otherwise known as the Greatest Show on Grass and the Drunkest and Rowdiest Golf Event of the Year.  Forget the ending, watch the 16th hole.  While the stadium in Houston for SBLI has a capacity of 72,000, the Tournament Players Club of Scottsdale expects more than 200,000 (205,000 showed up for day 3).

How did the NFL manage not to call this the Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl, for just this company has invested $149 million in ads on this game since 2009?  No, that was a 2014 article.  The cost after this year will shoot past $200 million.    The NFL does not need a sponsoring company, like Waste Management, because sponsors fork over nearly $5 million just for a 30-second advertisement.  It is reported that the $10 million for a full minute has already cost the company $15 million to produce the commercial.

So let me do most of you a big favor.  I'll show access to all the SBLI commercials  here.  There will be just around 50 spots.  Here is one possible top eight:
  • Budweiser will have a one minute "political" ad about their founder, Adolphus Busch, who in 1859 came to America from Germany with three brothers (there were 23 children in the family).  Donald Trump's immigration policy will come to mind.
  • Another 60-second ad will star Justin Bieber, with Rob Gronkowski and Terrel Owens, for T-Mobile.
  • In a particularly sexy special, Procter & Gamble's Mr. Clean will charm the pants of a female.
  • There will be a half minute action ad with Jason Stratham and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman--soon to be released, already with  a 99% audience want to see rating) for Wix.
  • Adam Driver from Star Wars will shoot a Snickers commercial during the game, live.  Wait a minute, how can this be shown now when the Super bowl is tomorrow?  Well, click on it.
  • Hyundai will also record live at the Super Bowl, but will air the spot immediately after the game ends.
  • Kia Niro and Melissa McCarthy will entertain you.
Here is another site providing their top ten ads for SBLI, and, interestingly enough, 10 banned Super Bowl commercials.  So you never saw these...they were never shown.  But here they are, and why they were disallowed.  This year you won't see the GNC ad because it included substances banned by the NFL, and 84 Lumber was denied because they featured a wall (hint:  Trump and Mexico).  However, not long after the Hyundai spot could well follow 90 seconds from this company.

Finally, they say that the Super Bowl is the most watched TV event of the year, and the over-under proposition this year is 116.5 million.  As an event, though, the Super Bowl only comes in at #4.  In 2011, the ICC Cricket World Cup might have been watched by a billion when India played Pakistan, but was officially reported at several hundred million.  The Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 drew 600 million.  #1 was the 2010 FIFA World Cup between Spain and The Netherlands, with 700 million.  However, FIFA reported that in 2014 3.2 billion watched their games and more than ONE BILLION viewed the final between Argentina and Germany.

Try getting a room in Las Vegas this weekend.  Super Bowl betting equals the entirety of money placed for all the NCAA March Madness basketball games.  Last year, $132.5 million, just in Vegas.  The propositions, though, capture my imagination. The Westgate sports book in Las Vegas has 400 props:
  • Golden State's Stephen Curry combined first-half points and assists (for game to be played Sunday night versus Kings) will be 2.5 more than the combined first half points of SBLI.
  • Patriots will beat Falcons by more than 21 points, and you can win $65 for a $10 bet.
  • What color will Lady Gaga's hair be at her halftime show (blond 1/4, other 5/2--see right column for what this means).

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