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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

FABULOUS FALL FANTASY Day 3: Pierre Gagnaire Plus

I first tried to get a reservation at Jungsik, but Lauren at the Club Lounge could not get through to the restaurant, so she succeeded with my second choice, Pierre Gagnaire.  Return tomorrow for my lunch at Jungsik.

If the rest of my trip turns out not be so exciting or fabulous, just lunch today made the effort worthwhile.  The first time I had lunch at Pierre Gagnaire was four years ago when it first opened.  It was so memorable that I went the back the following year.  Who is that person to the right?  Well, you need to click on those links.

Located across the street from City Hall is the Lotte Hotel:

Pierre Gagnaire is located at the top, and here is their view:

I started with a Kir Royale:

Then the free stuff:

The first course was pheasant and mushrooms, with foie gras and a Chantrelle soup, which made me wonder exactly what kind of mushroom is used by Campbell or any restaurant for their mushroom soup.

The wine was a Joseph Faively Pouilly Fuisse.

I noticed that Santa Clause in his off season dines here:

Two 30-year olds sitting next to me kept looking into a mirror to improve their looks, and, instead of taking photos of their dishes, kept taking selfies of themselves.

The halibut with escargots, spinach, watercress and Korean pine mushrooms was excellent:

They served a Domaine Pascal Jolivet Domaine.  I should add that the glasses were by Zweiss.  The main entre with a glass of Vidal-Fleury Gigondas (neither a Bordeaux nor Burgundy, a wine primarily of Grenache) was a Korean beef with bone marrow and a strange cannelloni:

There were bits of marrow, a nice treat.  At this point I was supersaturated, and the breads kept piling up, so I asked to take them home.

The butter was unusually good, but they thought it was not safe to give it to me.  They actually placed these breads into a thick plastic bag and sealed it.  I was tempted to ask if the butter could be provided if chilled with some ice, but there is a limit to my impositional impudence.  The Chef Patissier responsible for the  next dish was Jeremy Rapion, here with a high-ranking individual whose name escapes my memory.  He was the one who smartly declined providing the butter.

I tolerated the Le dessert Pierre Gagnaire with a Grignard Chateau Lamathe Sauternes, and the combination would have been worthy of a gold medal if not for my appetite.

I don't know how I did it, but I ate the entire serving of petits fours with a double expresso.  

You ask, what did this all cost?  It would too, too gauche for me to respond.

I noticed on my way back to the Sheraton that the #1 subway line was exceptionally clean, and the reason had to be two ladies wiping down everything, especially the glass walls and doors, with a supervisor who just gave advice.  Note how safe this subway system is with sliding doors so you can't fall unto the track.

Here is the Sheraton D-Cube City:

The Club Lounge is outstanding:

I've never seen so many kinds of salad in an executive club.  The choice of drinks was also wide, and the


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