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Saturday, October 8, 2016


I have four kinds of cuisine:  expensive epicurean, bento on the beach, memorable dinners in the 15 Craigside Dining Room and fabulous meals on my lanai.  Tomorrow I will report on a special gourmet feast at the Kahala Resort, where I'll be staying tonight.  Here is a typical Monday Night Table drink at 15C on the left.  The following photos are mostly from my lanai, but let me start with one of my favorite bentos from Hawaii's Favorite Kitchens, located adjacent to Rainbow Drive-In.  I had this huli-huli chicken bento at the Diamond Head Lookout:

Brunch and breakfast on my lanai,this week: ham and eggs over easy with tsukemono, then french toast:

The french toast was the best I've had in a long time, as the bread, which was garlic cheese bread, came from my spaghetti dinner last night:

 Whoops, I forgot the basil, so here is a close-up after I picked a few leaves (that plant on the right):

The wine was a Cardinal Classic showing the Old Chemistry Building, where I took all my chemical engineering classes.  Stanford recently closed it down, but only to completely restore the interior, at a cost of $67 million, and has scheduled a re-opening this Fall, now mostly for undergraduates.  This new building is 112 years old.

I had an excellent grilled salmon belly with nishime, sashimi and musubi:

The key to great salmon belly is the crispy skin, which was perfectly fried with my new ceramic pan and an induction stove.

I especially liked the hasu (also known as lotus root) in the nishime.  The evening ended at sunset with the Moon, a snifter of cognac and a cigar:

But then I also noticed Venus:

Let me close with a shot of my new calamansi plant, and the final blooming of Pearl's Sunburst:

And a photo taken a long time ago with Pearl and my Datsun 240Z:

Hurricane Matthew is now a tropical storm:


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