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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Half of you reading this posting will be new to this Google blog site.  Many of you who have visited before should have noticed the right column.  Here is a guide, for some of the links can be very useful for your future reference:
  • SEARCH this blog:  just type in a few key words related to any topic you wish to read and click on search.  There have been 3221 postings, first beginning on 29 April 2008.  This has been a daily blog, with very few exceptions.
  • This blog emanates from Honolulu.
  • At the top you see that readership is approaching 1.1 million.  Dividing 1,080,483 by 3221 gives an average of 335 daily viewers.  On 27 February 10 there were 3,356, the day of the Chile mega-earthquake.  Natural disasters attract people, and so do my travels, cuisine and topics like whale sharks.
  • Then a series of real-time tables showing world energy production and consumption.
  • Oh, you can TRANSLATE TO YOUR LANGUAGE.  Well, I'll need to look into this, as this option seems not to be working.
  • VIEWERS  If you click on the Visitor box, details are shown, indicating that 220 countries have read this blog.  Yes, there are fewer than 200 countries, but Google has 246 domains, for places like Antarctica.

  • HOW MUCH DOES GASOLINE COST?  If you don't want to wait for your state, just double click on the "Enter a State" line, type in your state and click.
  • WHAT IS THE PRICE OF OIL gives the cost of U.S. crude oil.  Click on 1m for a monthly tally, or 5y for a 5-year charting.
  • WHAT WILL BE THE FUTURE PRICE OIL?  Click on FUTURE PRICE OF OIL and you will be transported to the latest Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures page, which at this typing shows oil at $60.20 in December 2024.
  • Then the world stock exchange and a bunch of other economic data, depending on which market you want.  Hmmm...what happened to the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
  • Then, our national debt, which, if you clicked on U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK, shows a figure approaching $20 trillion.  However, not to fear, for just click on my Huffington Post article, The Simplest Solution for Our National Debt, to read why this enormous debt is not the big deal made by Republicans.  That paper was written more than 5 years ago, and nothing has changed.
  • CALCULATE THE CURRENT VALUE OF MONEY:  I found this widget particularly useful. For example, the Manhattan Project to produce two Atomic Bombs during WWII employed 130,000 and cost $2 billion.  So I placed into the appropriate boxes 1943 / 2 / 2016, clicked on "calculate," and got 27.2, or $27.2 billion.  This particular current value parameter was our Consumer Price Index.  If you wanted to use standard of living, the cost of those A-bombs would have been $54 billion, or economic power, and you would have gotten $178 billion.
  • ALL TIME NUMBERS:  looking up at the price of oil today, which is $51/barrel, we are thus just about one-third (34.7%) what it was eight years ago.  This is a primary reason why many of the solar options are today having problems, especially biofuels.  While I did this calculation five years ago, nothing much has really changed regarding when oil was cheapest.  It is surprising to most that, including inflation, the price of oil was LOWER in 1998 than 1973 just before the energy crisis.  Finally, apparently that all time high for the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 18,635 on 15 August 2016 is real (inflation adjusted):

  • BLOG ARCHIVES:  Provides the reverse-chronological titles of my site.
  • ODDS CALCULATOR:  A really useful comparative table of probability.  You need to scroll up and down in this calculator, but if you had typed in +150 for the odds used in Las Vegas, this means there is a 40% chance this event would happen.  For the record, what the +150 means is that you need to bet $150, and if you win, you would get $150 plus $100, or $250.
  • ABOUT ME:  Well, about me.  Don't go to Wikipedia, because at least five years ago, and maybe it was ten, I tried to insert my bio, and I got a threatening e-mail saying you can't do your own biological summary!!!  Someone else has to do this.  So I left it alone.  It is woefully inadequate.

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