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Monday, October 31, 2016

5F Day 10: Sendai to Hiroshima

No educational articles today.  Just my simple Shinkansen (bullet train) series of rides from Sendai to Hiroshima via Tokyo and Shin-Osaka.  I left at 9:30 in the morning and arrived at 5PM.  First my Westin Sendai breakfast:

Yes, that's all, for I plan to buy a bento in Tokyo Station for my ride to Shin-Osaka.  I saw my first train coming at the Sendai Station, so I tried to take a photo:

Ah, a bit too early. However, I noticed a beautiful fall setting in the window across the way:

Sendai is in full fall bloom.  My bento meal:

Four kinds of fish with sparkling sake and macha tea.  Come on now, has anyone else ever had bento on a train with sparkling sake and macha tea?

I was extremely lucky, for an hour out of Tokyo, I awoke just in time to take this a fabulous photo of Mount Fuji from my seat:

There are people, such as friends from Hawaii, who catch the Shinkansen to Kansai, and have never even seen Mt Fuji.  Normally you need to be watchful from 40 minutes out of Tokyo, but this train happened to stop in Odawara.

The Sheraton Hiroshima, now 5 years old, is located a few minutes walk from the Shinkansen stop, you can almost see the train in the window to the left.  A view from my room of the Red Bus that takes you all over town, for free, because I have a Japan Rail Pass.

Tomorrow, the Hiroshima Peace Park.

I went down to the Club Lounge, and was very impressed.  I thought I'd just have a drink or two with some veggies, for the Japanese restaurant at the hotel is offering to people who stay here half price for dinner:

Then I was swayed by a whole assortment of dishes that convinced me to have dinner here:

After all, the drinks are free.  That green block is a basil Gouda cheese.  Terrific!

A shot of Miyajima (the dark island to the left), with Matsushima, one of the three best ocean tourist sites in Japan:

To finish, I had a double expresso cappuccino with a couple of sweet tidbits.

Good night.


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