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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

4F Day 4: Seoul Jungsik

Note that during my first three days I had only three F's:  Fabulous Fall Fantasy.  Today, I'm up to four F's because I have added Food.  Thus:

     4F = Fabulous Fall Food Fantasy

According to my concierge, who checked this out with tour operators, Fall Colors have not yet come to South Korea.  Why?  Global Warming, of course.  Thus, I can only hope that when I get to Japan, I can adjust my title above to:

     5F = Fabulous Fall Food and Foliage Fantasy

I have added Food because of Feast and Pierre Gagnaire.  Scroll down to both reviews.  Today for lunch I add Jungsik.  I go to lunch because I get too sleepy at night.  Plus lunches are much cheaper and safer (muggings, etc.--although South Korea and Japan are much safer than Hawaii) than dinners.

While PG nor J is on any Michelin list, Jungsik is #22 on Pellegrino's Asia group, but you got to wonder what has happened, for it was #10 last year.  Michelin has not yet come to this country.  When it does, and this could well this be later this year or next, there are signs that both will gain star status.  There are around 100 Michelin 3-Star restaurants, and, there is the Pellegrino 100 Best.  For several years now Japan has had more Michelin 3's than France.  There is no such thing as Michelin 4-Star. I might conclude this discussion by indicating that the best Pellegrino Asian restaurants are #1 Gaggan (Bangkok), #2 Narisawa (Tokyo) and #3 Andre (Singapore).  I've been to all three.

So off I went to Jungsik.  The place was mostly filled for lunch and I ordered their chef special with wine.

I asked if they could provide a copy of what I was to have and the wines, and the person serving me said, sure thing.  Well, they reneged.   I got nothing at the end. Hmmm...#10 to #22?  Something is happening, and it's not good.  Thus, the best I can do is show you what I had.

This dish had you placing these items unto the toasted seaweed, except that the seaweed toast was too large and it was hard to eat.

The abalone in seaweed soup was quite good.  Somehow, Junsik was able to coax that half-dried quality into the taste...only a tad, but better than anywhere else.

Also, too, the octopus had that half-dried taste and was excellent.

This was supposed to be the highlight lobster dish, but, as I'm allergic to this crustacean, they replaced it with a nothing swordfish combo, which was a real disappointment.

The crispy skin red snapper might have been the highlight delight, with an arugula-like vegetable with a kim chee essence.

The Korean wagyu in kalbi style was okay, but nothing close to Japanese beef.  Note across the way that lady.

She had nothing alcoholic and kept looking at two smartphones, but this is the kind of fantasy that sometimes escalates into something.  The sherbert and dessert were excellent, with a cappuccino.

The price was just about half that of Pierre Gagnaire, but, frankly, I might never come back.

Out of nowhere, there is now a 135 MPH Hurricane Seymour in the East Pacific:

Hurricane Seymour


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