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Saturday, July 23, 2016


I happened to have CNN on when Hillary Clinton introduced her running mate, presumptive Democratic Party vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine.  While he clearly attempted to be subservient to Hillary, enough of who he is came through to convince me that I was watching POTUS (President of the United States) #46.  His speech reminded me of 27 July 2004 when Illinois State Senator, and then only a U.S. Senate candidate, Barack Obama, gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.  My reaction was the same.  Who is this guy and why haven't I previously heard of him?

Actually, I knew a tad about Tim this time because on Thursday my posting said:

PredictWise says that there is a 70% chance that Tim Kaine will be Hillary's VP and the Chicago Cubs team has a 20% chance of winning the World Series, with the San Francisco Giants at 11%.  

But he unabashedly and appropriately provided his personal resume, for he chuckled, nobody knows me, so let me tell you who I am:
  • Catholic born in Minnesota, whose family (father, owner of a small iron-working shop) moved to Kansas, where he graduated from an all-boys Jesuit boarding school;
  • high student body president, went on to graduate (in economics) from the University of Missouri in three years, then on to Harvard Law School;
  • took a break from Harvard to work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras, where he lived in a dictatorship and became impressively fluent in Spanish; and
  • when he returned to Harvard, he met his future wife, Anne, who was a first-year Harvard Law student.
  • Ann's father is former governor of Virginia, A. Linwood Holton, Jr. (right), who also graduated from Harvard Law, and as a Republican was pro-active for civil rights, sending his children to mostly-black public schools, still going on at 92. 
  • Tim is 8-0 running for office:  
    • Councilman, 
    • Mayor (when Richmond's homicide rate fell by 55%, where his biggest scandal was spending $6,000 on buses to the Million Mom anti-gun-violence rally to DC--which he reimbursed to the city), 
    • Lieutenant Governor, 
    • Governor of Virginia, 
    • Democratic National Committee chair and 
    • U.S. Senator
      • where he made the first speech ever on the Senate floor entirely in Spanish (on immigration);
      • one of the few senators who gets along with both Republicans and Democrats;
      • American Conservative Union have him a zero rating;
      • anti-abortion because of his religion;
      • concerned about global warming, but while supporting his home-state coal industry and fracking, accepts that we need to move towards clean energy;
      • for LGBT rights; and is a
      • gun owner who supports campaigns against gun violence.
  • Continues to teach part time at the University of Richmond, where he earns $16,000/year.
  • Wife Anne is Secretary of Education in Virginia.
  • Three children, one, a marine, who soon will be sent abroad.
Do you get an impression a new dynasty is forming?

So here is the slate for November 8, 2016.

Candidate          Age           Degree

Republican Party
Donald Trump    70   Bachelor's degree, Wharton
Mike Pence        59   JD, Indiana University

Democratic Party
Hillary Clinton   68   JD, Yale Law
Tim Kaine         58   JD, Harvard Law

Libertarian Party
Gary Johnson    63   BS, University of New Mexico
William Weld      60   JD, Harvard Law

Green Party
Jill Stein            66   MD, Harvard University
The Atlantic is awfully quiet, but there are now four worthy ocean storms in the Pacific, including one now in the West Pacific:

Tropical Storm Darby is beginning to roll over the Big Island, and its eye could well be over me on Sunday.  Lots of rain anticipated.  However, none of the four appears at this time projected to bring strong winds to any populated area:


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