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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Tufts regularly reports on diets and nutrition.  This is a highly respected research institution.  Their dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Dariush Mozaffarian, recently released a report indicating that butter can be considered to be a neutral food:
  • Analyzed nine studies representing 636,151 individuals over 6.5 million person-years of follow-up.
  • There is no link between consuming butter and an increase risk of heart disease or stroke.
  • Appears to lower Type 2 diabetes by a small amount (4%).
  • Is BETTER than low-fat turkey, a bagel, cornflakes, margarine and soda.
Not quite sure what neutral is, for the Food and Drug Administration's categorization appears to only look at food PH, that is, something is either acidic, neutral or alkaline, with distilled water neutral at 7.0.  The American Medical Association tells you what foods are good and bad, but nothing much about neutral.  

When Dr. Mozzafarian was at Harvard, he was associated with changing public attitudes about saturated fat.  That is, for decades, saturated fat was public enemy #1.  Then came the difference between bad low density lipoprotein (LDL) and good high density lipoprotein (HDL),  There is then trans fat, which is terrible for you.  In short, saturated fat was better for you than trans fat, but not as good as polyunsaturated fat from vegetable oils, like from olives.  So, already, Mozzafarian was into something neutral, that is, food stuff not necessarily good or bad, but with balance and moderation, okay.

In any case, should you wish to read the report itself, here it is:

Is Butter Back? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Butter Consumption and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Total Mortality

I must consume more butter than most.  So do the French.  Called the French Paradox, now we better know why all the cheese, butter and saturated fats they consume seem not to hurt their longevity.  Food just tastes better with butter, and some cheeses are just essential for fine gastronomy.  Just don't add bread to your diet, which is known to not be neutral in a very negative way.

Super Typhoon Nepartak at 160 MPH shows a track moving further south over Taiwan, so Taipei will not be affected at all.  However, Kaohsiung is now in jeopardy:

Hurricane Blas heading in the general direction of Hawaii is at a dangerous 120 MPH, but all computer models show this storm weakening and moving more northward:

There is a new tropical depression just behind Blas, however, showing signs of strengthening into a hurricane, to be named Celia, and having some staying power to possibly affect Hawaii:


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