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Sunday, July 24, 2016


My life has never been colorful, nor mysterious, but in my current stage, maybe some adjustments are occurring to bring a proper balance to the grand totality.  But let's face it, I now live in a virtually sterile cocoon called 15 Craigside.  So why have I spent two straight weekends in Waikiki?  Every meal I skip at 15C is money wasted.  What could possibly be happening?

First of all, this blog site managed by Google is G-rated.  You can't insert anything too provocative, especially something sexually explicit.  As a couple of people who now and then click on this site know, you can shade reality by including lots of food and flower photos.  So what I report is technically accurate, but not necessarily the full story.

During much of my professional career I travelled widely, such that I'm now headed towards 3 million miles just on Star Alliance.  Once one of my golf buddies wondered why every time I went to South Korea there was a breakthrough in our discussions with North Korea.  He asked whether I had a link with the CIA?  And why do I keep going back to DC when I have now been retired for nearly 17 years?  And why do I still have an office at the University of Hawaii?

Good questions with truly mundane answers not worthy of elaboration.  But my cover story for my next Circle Pacific tour in August is to attend the University of Hawaii versus University of California football game in Sydney.  ANZ Stadium was the centerpiece of Australia's hosting of the 2000 Summer Olympics.  Rio is less than two weeks away.

So why Waikiki?  Last week it was pure dalliance.  Nothing all that important, except that I was housed at a hotel with a lot of Rim Pac participants.  Did I have a few covert discussions?  Nah.  However, these exercises are not officially over until August 4.

This weekend I'm at the Waikiki Sheraton, and my hotel guide brags that Starwood properties dominate Waikiki Beach, (bottom--from the left, Sheraton, Royal Hawaiian and Moana) and began Hawaii tourism with the Moana Hotel (which kept getting in the way of my photos last week, as to the left) and Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  All this is quite true, actually, for they have since added the Princess Kaiulani and Waikiki Sheraton hotels.  Hard to believe that their newest, the one I'm in, is now 55 years old.

I am here in Waikiki this weekend to talk about an important project related to finding solutions for Planet Earth and Humanity.  But that can mean anything, and worse, things remain at a stage where nothing should be said.  So that at least continues the mystery portion of my life, although it's nothing worth holding your breath over.  I can, instead, show you the gorgeous views and unspectacular meals I've had in two of my rooms:

The above represents the free stuff I get by staying at the Waikiki Sheraton.  I went down to Hapa's to pick up a Kamuela tomatoes penne pasta and Caesar salad lunch, which I had with the champagne:

My Blue Bar Pigeon dropped by for a chat.  The bottle has a screw cap which means it can't be too expensive, but I can save the remaining portion.  

I might add that the most surprising amenity at this hotel is the Japanese style bathroom:

As a platinum member I have access to the Leahi Club, which was just next door to my first room.

If you let your imagination go wild, you can just about discern a second person in the window reflection, but I should add that I like to drink both white and red wines with my appetizers.  And it does rain over Diamond Head:

From my second room I had a simple salami/cheese sandwich:

Breakfast in the Leahi Room was not up to those served in the Orient, but adequate:

Tropical Storm Darby is to the top right and not bringing much wind or rain yet.  Before leaving Waikiki, I had a bento from Iyasume:


My final photo is a simple water lily, somewhat symbolizing my simple life today:


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