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Saturday, July 16, 2016

SOLAR IMPULSE 2: The Final Flight...soon

Flight to Abu Dhabi Postponed

The flight from Egypt to Abu Dhabi today has been postponed to a later date. Due to worsening weather conditions on the ground in Egypt and pilot health, we have decided to prioritize pilot and airplane safety. The engineers will continue to study the weather over the coming days to find the next flight possibility to bring Solar Impulse to its final destination: Abu Dhabi. Stay tuned!

It was not an easy decision for us to postpone the flight. We would like to thank everyone for their excitement and continued support on this adventure. Our engineers will continue to work hard on identifying an open weather window to finish this round-the-world tour.
Solar Impulse 2’s last flight confirmed today at 22:00 UTC!

Today, Solar Impulse 2 will takeoff for the last time on the attempt to circumnavigate the globe. A continuous criss-cross between thrill and sadness, we are finding it difficult to balance our emotions to prepare for our final landing.

Bertrand Piccard will takeoff with Si2 from Cairo, Egypt on July 16th at 22:00 UTC, 11:00PM CET, 6:00PM EDT. The flight is expected to last 48 hours, completing the round-the-world solar flights upon touch down in Abu Dhabi. This is your last chance to be a part of this adventure - we have an entire live experience set up for you with a live television show with important interviews and essential information, and a virtual cockpit where you can follow the flight path, energy level, pilot’s vitals - all on
There are several sites you can tap to follow the final flight, and here is another one.

Earlier this week the Solar Impulse 2 (SI2) flew around the Great Pyramid:

Since the plane left Hawaii on April 21, it has landed in Mountain View (California), Phoenix (Arizona), Tulsa (Oklahoma), Dayton (Ohio), Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania), New York City (New York), Seville (Spain) and now Cairo. The final leg should only take 40 hours, a hop compared to the 117 hours from Nagoya to Honolulu.

SI2 has flown 22,662 miles, and has 1471 miles left to Abu Dhabi, where the journey started in March of 2015.  The plane has room for only the pilot, so Andre Borschberg (right) and Bertrand Piccard have alternated.  When completed, this will be first around the world journey by a solar-powered aircraft.  

Picard in 1999 was on board the Breitling Orbiter on a global odyssey that took almost 21 days.  SI2 was originally planned to complete the trip in five months, but the extra-long vacation in Hawaii will mean something closer to 17 months.  The cost of the entire project has been estimated to be $170 million.

Again, you can follow the final flight.   If all goes well, Solar Impulse 2 will take off at noon Hawaii time, and land in Abu Dhabi on Monday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke its all-time record for the third straight day, up 10 to 18517.

Hurricane Darby at 105 MPH and to-be Hurricane Estelle are both heading straight for Hawaii:

However, both are predicted to weaken into tropical storms or less on the approach to the Big Island.


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