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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Two days ago (Monday, July 25) more people visited this blog site than ever before, 4325, compared to 3000 or so when I wrote on the 2010 Chile and 2011 Tohoku earthquakes.  Natural disasters, I've noted, tend to draw the most interest.  I normally average around 300 pings/day, so a factor of 15 increase gave me cause to wonder why.

In the Chile catastrophe I was in Amsterdam when the Huffington Post e-mailed me to please write an article on an earthquake approaching Hawaii.  Not really informing them I was not in the state, I did submit Hawaii Tsunami?  (don't have the faintest idea why the date says 4/29/10 when I published it on 2/27/10).  Clearly, there is a link with my HuffPo, for my blog posting of 27 February 2010 on  the Chile Earthquake became my highest readership ever.  

Similarly, on 11 March 2011 (the result of the monstrous earthquake that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster) my blog about-equalled the record.  I was in Bangkok scheduled to fly to Tokyo the next day, one of the more difficult days in my life.  The Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami on 21 March 2011 was my longest report for The Huffington Post.

So why did the following postings stimulate the most number of readers?

Graph of Blogger page views

As best as I can determine, those Solar Impulse articles somehow became linked to popular reporting sites, but my other postings written during this period actually got more viewers, so something else might be going on.

I might finally note that readers also most connected with this blog site when I wrote about "creatures," like whale sharks, sharks, snakes and giant alligators, plus psychedelics, such as magic truffles:

To close, my most popular postings according to Google are listed in the right column.  For some reason Qatar fascinates.


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